Win More Followers with Social Media Contests

Win More Followers with Social Media Contests

Win More Followers with Social Media Contests

Get your brand out there

Are you stuck at a certain number of followers and want to grow your numbers? Maybe it’s not about the followers; perhaps you just want to get your brand out there and stay relevant in the social media world. A great way to achieve both of these goals is to hold a contest via your social media!

First things first, you need to decide your prize.

The key question here is how much you’re willing to spend on this contest. The more money spent usually means you can get people to do a bit more for it; people don’t want to share your post onto their personal page unless it’s worth it. Some great ideas include tickets to a popular concert or sporting event, gift cards, and money — the list is endless.

How long are you going to run it for?

Sometimes a contest can take off like jet fuel, and you don’t it need to be posted very long before people starting entering, other times it can take days to get entries. It all depends on what you’re asking people to do (more on that in a minute) and if the prize is worth it for them to enter. Typically, we like to run a contest for a couple of weeks, allowing it to gain the traction it deserves.

How is someone going to enter?

Here’s where things get interesting. You’re asking people to complete a checklist in order to enter. It can be as simple as ‘like this post and tag a friend’, or it can be a lengthy list that includes liking your page, sharing the post, tagging friends, and commenting something in relation to the contest.

If you’re looking to grow your following, be sure that one of the requirements to enter is to like your page. Sharing the post and tagging friends will also help you gain followers as their friends who see the contest will more than likely be inclined to enter and end up liking your page.

If your goal is to be relevant in the social media world, be sure that you ask people to tag friends and share the post. This will ensure that at the very least three of their friends are going to see the contest after being tagged. The post will also be shown to their friends when it’s shared.

Posting the contest

Now that you’ve got all of the details together, it’s time to post your contest on social media! One of the most important things to include are the rules and regulations of your contest — these will help you cover your bases. Next, you’ll need an excellent graphic or video to grab everyone’s attention, without one someone might scroll right past your super cool contest! In the text, don’t forget to tell people what they need to do to win. You can even set it up in a checklist form for them to make it easier:

  • Like our page
  • Share our post
  • Tag three friends

It’s time to hit send and get it out there to the world wide web!

Getting reach

Now you’ve posted your contest, but you’re struggling to gain entries? Don’t panic, give your post a boost! Due to many social media platforms, it’s hard for an organic post to get the reach it deserves without putting some dollars behind it. You might need to boost your post to really get it going.

Picking a winner

You can decide who the victor is in two different ways; randomly or by deciding yourself. If you’re going to choose the winner yourself, we don’t need to go into detail on that one. If you go with the option of randomly selecting a winner, you have a couple of different options. You can place names in a hat and draw, or you can use Woobox. By using Woobox, it can help determine who has completed all of the tasks you’ve asked for — except for sharing; you’ll have to check out their page to make sure they’ve done that.

Once you’ve picked the winner, it’s time to contact them! Leave a reply on their comment stating that they’ve won and comment on the original thread as well so that everyone who has also entered else sees it. It’s a good idea to edit the original post to say ‘Contest closed’.

Are you thinking about trying to increase your following, or be talked about in the social media world?

The best way to do that is by holding a giveaway through a social media contest! Are you thinking about running a contest? Don’t do it on your own, let us help you do the heavy lifting! Contact us today – we’ll get your contest running smoothly!

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