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Edmonton Video Production

Are you ready to take your brand up by hiring a professional videographer?

The world is always in motion, and your brand should be too. SOS Media Corp has a world-class team of local Edmonton film professionals who find a way to tell the story of your brand beautifully and cinematically. Our team has worked on sets of academy award nominated documentaries, Netflix originals and large budget feature films. Now they’re here at SOS Media Corp ready to get the shot and take your brand to the next level!

Edmonton Videography

Is your business in need of a video to convey brand messaging in an effective way? Are you looking for a professional videographer in Edmonton to produce videos for commercials, interviews, webinars, events, presentations, training, tutorials, or promotions? Our world-class team of videographers in Edmonton works with clients large and small to deliver stand-out videos that inspire, persuade, motivate, and convert. Our streamlined production services ensure timely delivery of your video, accessible to everyone, without costing an arm and a leg.

Videos We’re Known For

Our talented professionals have experience producing video for a diverse range of clients, but we’re especially known for our expertise in the retail, hospitality, and corporate environments. We are a full-service video production company in Edmonton, capable of managing every aspect of the process from developing storyboards and scripts, to location scouting and casting. After production, shooting, and post-production, we also assist with social media management,content syndication and media buys.

Our Production Team and Editing Environment

On any given day, our video crew is hard at work in Edmonton and area shooting everything from live events, corporate videos, award dinners, competition videos, music videos, television commercials, and more. Back in our video studio located in downtown Edmonton, our post-production crew delivers a mix of creativity and ingenuity where you’ll need it most — complimenting videos with 3D animation and visual effects. When it comes to audio, our full-range audio services include voice talent, voice casting, voice-over recording, track-lay, and sound design/mixing for online media, tv and radio.

Watch Our Videos

The essential combination of knowledge and experience is how we’ve earned a reputation as one of Edmonton’s top video production companies. But don’t take our word for it — see for yourself by exploring some of the videos we’ve produced for clients in and around Edmonton. Chances are, you’ve already seen our videos on television or online. When you’re ready to chat about your video needs, we’re here for you.


Why Choose Our Video Production Company?


Script Writing & Storyboarding

Our preproduction team uses strategic marketing principles to create rich, meaningful content that aligns with your brand. Strong creative concepts are at the foundation of every project that we complete. Long before filming, our copywriters, videographers, and artists collaborate in preparing a fully developed storyboard, script, and shot list.

4K Videos

SOS Media Corp’s state-of-the-art production studio now uses 4K UHD cameras. Get benefit from the latest ultrahigh-definition video quality. With four times the resolution of 1080p, 4K videos provide crisp outlines with unprecedented picture clarity, which is a perfect solution to create wide establishing shots and close-up details.

Drone Videos

At SOS Media Corp, our master videographers use high-flying drones for action shots, sweeping aerials, and lifestyle promos that give customers an enticing bird’s-eye view. From rugged landscapes to bustling cityscapes, we’ve flown drones in Edmonton and cities around the world. Get in touch with us to watch your video take flight.

2D & 3D Animation

Affordable and effective 2D and 3D animation are ideal for home page videos, animated banners, and technical presentations. As a corporate marketing video production service, we develop animated content that fits your brand and achieves your marketing goals. Our animators, scriptwriters, and voice-over artists can take your project from inception to completion.

Motion Graphics

If you’re interested in high-impact, low-cost multimedia content, may we suggest motion graphics? Our Edmonton-based production team uses images, text, and audio to present complex information in a nutshell. Use eye-catching motion graphics to bring your logo to life, launch products, or announce new features.


Advantages of Using Our Corporate Marketing and Video Production Service


Incredible Conversion Rates

Whether you’re selling a product or promoting your company, videos are an invaluable marketing tool. Videos deliver higher conversion rates than webinars, white papers, blogs, and infographics. In addition to boosting search engine rankings, studies show that customers are more likely to buy a product after viewing a video demonstration or testimonial.

Effective Communication

Video is a unique communication system that provides a direct connection to the brain, the body’s visual and emotional center. The brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text, and media-rich content supports higher retention rates. By tapping into customers’ emotions, our videos have a lasting impact.

Outsmart Competitors

SOS Media Corp produces videos that grow your business. Our dynamic services can bring meaning to your mission statement, showcase your products, and increase your company’s visibility. Whether you need content for online distribution or broadcast media, our professional-quality videos can educate customers and sell your product.

Fully In-House

At SOS Media Corp, every step of the process, from storyboarding to editing, is completed by our in-house professionals. Video production clients have access to our diverse team of marketers, directors, cinematographers, and creative geniuses. These expansive capabilities save you time and maximize your results by ensuring that everyone’s on the same page.

Completely Creative

Our creativity only surpasses our technical expertise. The full-service Edmonton video production team at SOS Media Corp uses age-old storytelling techniques, modern marketing principles, and data-driven research. We create unique, actionable videos that speak to your customers.


Types of Videos We Offer


Explainer Videos

SOS Media Corp crafts bold, stylish explainer videos that reflect your brand. Experience shows that bite-sized clips are one of the most effective ways to inform customers and sell your product or service. Use one-minute explainer videos to turn your landing page into a profitable sales funnel.

Corporate Videos

Video is the single most effective way to connect with your audience, attract new customers, and sell your product or service. We put industry-leading technology in the right hands to create dynamic corporate videos. For full-service video production, Edmonton businesses have trusted since 2011, contact SOS Media Corp.

Whiteboard Videos

Playful yet professional whiteboard videos are ideal for B2B and B2C communications. This proven style highlights essential information in a simple, effective way that increases retention by 35%. Our in-house animation team at SOS Media Corp uses a variety of styles, narrators, and production effects to craft entirely customized whiteboard videos.

TV Commercials

At SOS Media Corp, we use a results-focused, strategy-based approach to create high-impact, buzz-worthy commercials for broadcasting. Our creative marketing team can guide you through planning and preproduction. Our state-of-the-art production studio features all the latest gear, and our postproduction team gets every detail right.

Educational Videos

Promote your products or create watchable user guides with help from SOS Media Corp. Video presentations are ideal for educational use, online learning, and job-related training programs. We use thorough preproduction methods and advanced postproduction techniques to film engaging, well-structured video courses that capture the viewer’s interest.

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