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The latest features from Google AdWords arrive hot on the heels of their recent ranking shift favoring mobile-friendly sites, as the company demonstrated an ongoing focus on the mobile device-toting public. Google conducted a livestream discussion of new AdWords features aimed at boosting not only their business but of their bread-and-butter advertising base.

Inside AdWords said of the mobile phenomenon, “More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” Those searches trigger ad opportunities, where Google hopes to boost their fortunes with three new products announced during the livestream.

First, attribution beyond the “last click” of an ad will allow advertisers to pick different attribution models for each conversion type. Modern internet users touch upon ads and sites from various places and devices, work or home, mobile or desktop.

Drilling deeper into where each “touch” happens should show online sellers more accurately from where a keyword is driving a conversion. Google also disclosed the introduction of data-driven attribution, where marketers can use their data to determine how much a keyword contributed across a conversion path.

Marketers will be able to take advantage of cross-device conversions integrated into automated bidding. An ecommerce pro seeing such data can allocate their budget to get in front of the most valuable points of contact with their ads, based on the type of contact: smartphone, tablet, etc, when those interactions take place.

Google also touted new tools designed to measure the true value of a campaign’s impact. These “marketing experiments” focus on incremental impacts of ads, going beyond the last click attribution model currently prevalent for advertisers. Google claims this controlled testing and the cost per incremental acquisition it reveals will enable marketers to derive better value from their ad spend.

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