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SOS Media Corp is an Edmonton website design agency specializing in beautiful custom web design and development for your small or large company. Our websites are unique and easy to navigate, no matter what device you are viewing them from. We guarantee that your website will be totally unique to your company, and after it is complete, you will be able to update your content without our assistance.



ALL websites we build are
  • beautifully designed.
  • responsive.
  • fast loading.
  • content managed.
  • SEOptimized.

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Our Web Design packages are one-time fees, include a free 1 hour tutorial, and give you full administrative access. Add-on web features and extra pages are available for each package upon selection.


WordPress Theme Packages

Please choose one of the packages below if you want your website fast and at a reduced cost.

  • Pony

    • Up to 5 Pages

    • Custom Design Elements

    • WordPress CMS

    • SSL Installation

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  • Pegasus

    • Up to 10 Pages

    • Custom Design Elements

    • WordPress CMS

    • SSL Installation

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  • Unicorn

    • Up to 5 Pages

    • Custom Design Elements

    • WordPress CMS

    • SSL Installation

    • E-Commerce

    • Up to 3 Product Categories

    • Up to 6 Products

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Custom WordPress Web Design & Development

Please choose one of the packages below if you value unique designs and need custom web development.

  • Snowman

    • Up to 5 Pages

    • Custom Design of Each Page

    • WordPress CMS

    • SSL Installation

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  • Yeti

    • Up to 10 Pages

    • Custom Design of Each Page

    • WordPress CMS

    • SSL Installation

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  • BigFoot

    • Up to 3 Pages

    • Custom Design of Each Page

    • WordPress CMS

    • SSL Installation

    • E-Commerce

    • Up to 3 Product Categories

    • Up to 6 Products

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Why is SOS Media the Best Web Design Company in Edmonton?

Our reputation for delivering high-quality websites and outstanding support speaks for itself. Our skilled designers and technicians have experience working with companies of all sizes. Also, we work across all sectors. They’re passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Qualified experts

Our reputation for delivering high-quality websites and outstanding support speaks for itself. Our skilled designers and technicians have experience working with companies of all sizes. Also, we work across all sectors. They’re passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Use of advanced technology

Our websites look great and function seamlessly across the latest web browsers. We utilize cutting-edge technology that’s compatible with smartphone and tablet platforms. Our services include registering or transferring your domain name and hosting. We also set up your email and creating SEO that lands you at the top of the search results.

Stimulating design

We take pride in creating unique, visually stimulating designs. It attracts visitors and holds their attention. Our use of color and a clean, attractive layout — customized around your logo — will fix your brand in visitors’ minds. Our designs practically beg users to engage.

Free consultation

There’s no charge for the initial meeting. That’s your time to outline your needs and expectations. Rest assured that your preferences and priorities will inform all our decisions going forward. It is a collaboration, and we encourage client input throughout the creative process.

No outsourcing

We take our clients’ business goals to heart. Also, we insist on controlling every phase of the design process from the ground up. Our trusted, qualified professionals will do the homework about your company. They will have a hand in your website, But outsourcing results in rushed, cookie-cutter designs. We’re better than that.

Strong focus on ROI

Our efforts are all for naught if we don’t deliver a robust return on investment. That’s why we continually track keyword popularity, traffic, and leads generated. Also, we track new subscriptions, email marketing results, social media reach, and conversion rates. We’ll adjust things as necessary and regularly report to let you know how you’re doing.

Scalable website

We design websites to scale right along with your business. We have the bandwidth to accommodate increasing traffic. By maintaining the standards, we will make sure that the performance never gets affected. Our CMS platform can support numerous add-ons as your business needs to evolve.

Promises kept

There’s a familiar litany of complaints against bad website designers. They’re unresponsive, and they miss deadlines. They can’t execute as promised. They outsource work. Communication, transparency, and integrity, especially, are guiding values at SOS Media. If we say we’ll do it, it’s as good as done.

Ongoing assistance

Another common complaint is that some web design companies do a disappearing act after they launch the site. We’re in this for the long haul. The website doesn’t just have to work; it has to keep on working. Count on our continual help with SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and much more.

Complete professionalism

When it comes to professional design, programming, and network management, we’ve raised the bar. Take a look at our regular clients. You’ll see that SOS Media is one of the most respected names in the industry. We guarantee top-quality work at affordable prices.

Flawless landing page design

Landing pages have just seconds to entice visitors and convince them to engage. The design must be nothing short of flawless. Our writers create a compelling text that provides value and establishes your credibility. Also, it solidifies your brand — arresting imagery, graphics, and prompt video users to spend time exploring your site.

Fast loading time

Consumers are increasingly impatient. If pages take more than three seconds to load, say, experts, around 40 percent of users bounce to a competing website. Even a one-second delay can result in a 7 percent lower conversion rate. Don’t worry. We’re up to speed on this.

Clear documentation

Costly, unpleasant surprises are the last thing you need. So our website specification documents are clear and detailed. By including the timeline for the project, we will also include the goals, strategies, and timeline in your documentation. We will inform you of the team members involved. Documentation will also address budget or technical restraints upfront.

Complete transparency

Along the same lines, you can expect straightforward advice from our expert team about what you can and can’t do on your site. We’ll never try to upsell you on additional services if we can’t explain and demonstrate how they’ll benefit your business.

Website performance monitoring

Your investment should pay off for years to come, and we closely monitor performance to ensure that it does. Google Analytics tracks the origin of new traffic, the pages visitors view, and the search words users type in to find products you sell. We leverage that data to form new strategies.

No hidden charges

Our highest goal is to form meaningful relationships with our clients. That would be hard to do if we were unethical in our pricing. The price you see is the price you pay. We clearly outline the costs you incur over the lifetime of the project for each website package.

Long-term partnership

We don’t consider this a one-off website design, and we hope you don’t either. We’ll work to earn your respect and trust long term. SOS Media takes your business goals and online brand identity as seriously as we make our own. You’ll be glad you partnered with us.

Careful attention to the latest trends

Our designers continually educate themselves and carefully follow trends. Each year seems to roll in more technical possibilities than the last. Staying current with new trends and techniques — such as 3D visuals, and darker backgrounds are crucial. Also, we combine photography and graphics to keep websites from looking stale and uninspired.

Easy maintenance

Sure, we’re here to help, but you shouldn’t have to come to us every time you want to edit a bit of text or add a picture. Our management systems are user-friendly for even the lowest technological skill levels. We also offer prepaid maintenance packages for timely updates.

Ultimate user experience design

A recent study revealed that flawless UX could boost conversion rates by up to 400 percent. We make sure to meet your potential customers with a great-looking site. They will have a fast-loading and user-friendly interface. Navigation is simple. Calls to action are clear, and the payment process is secure. When users succeed on your website, you succeed.

Realistic pricing

There’s no one-size-fits-all pricing model in website design. Your site will be as unique as your business, and numerous factors figure into the cost. Once we have your budget, we’ll talk with you about affordable services to improve your business. We provide accurate pricing information upfront.

Search engine-friendly design

In addition to impressing consumers, your site must impress the search engines that rank it. That’s how your targeted audience finds you. Our designs incorporate all the characteristics that search engines reward. You can expect mobile-friendliness, fast loading time, and dynamite content. Also, you will have an excellent user experience.

Complete understanding of your requirements

Our experts know that smart design starts with listening. No one knows your business better than you do, so they’ll be all ears when you describe your industry and specific market. They’ll even do follow-up research on their own to get a feel for your audience. A thorough understanding gets excellent results.


SOS Media boasts some of the most innovative minds in the industry. Our team members are passionate about helping clients succeed, and they start fresh from scratch every time. They’re on a mission to distinguish you from the competition, and your stunning website will be uniquely your own.

Distinctive portfolio

A design that performs well in the auto industry doesn’t necessarily perform well in travel or real estate. That’s why we remain flexible. We haven’t locked into a specific comfort zone just to make life easier. Our diverse portfolio is evidence that we have a proven track record with all kinds of elite businesses.

Website Development Process Flow

A close estimate

After the initial information-gathering process, we’ll give you our best estimate for the job. We consider factors such as the quality of your current website, the scope of the project, the expected time frame, and your budget. We aim to be as accurate as possible.

Specification analysis

This stage is for goal setting and planning. We think a lot about your business model, the targeted audience you want to attract, and the kind of functionality you need. Different functionalities require different technologies. Specification analysis and a detailed plan prevent design errors. It also prevents wasted resources going forward.

Milestone marking

We hate wasting clients’ time, and we’re known for keeping our projects moving. Milestones are specific steps in development, such as the creation of wireframes. We pencil in benchmarks on a timeline to keep things on track. As we achieve each milestone, we measure our progress and assess functionality.


Based on the site map, which is a little like a blueprint, we build the framework for content and visual design. It is called the wireframe, and it’s a guide for how the website will look when it’s finished. It inspires layout, formatting, and other design elements in the development phase.

Development and content creation

All those milestones on the timeline become more clearly defined deliverables. The website design takes shape when we add colors, photos, images, graphics, and videos. We integrate the written content during this phase. You’ll be the first to receive the mockup design for approval, and we’re prepared to make changes.

Testing and debugging

Your developer will extensively test the site before its launch. Viewing must be compatible across all the latest versions of different browsers. By keeping the current web development standards in place, we also install relevant Plug-ins. Simply put, the website has to work.

Launch and review

Launches, even ours, rarely go off without a hitch. We’ll be close at hand in the first days and weeks to address bugs and identify opportunities for improvement. In particular, we’ll be watching the way users navigate and experience your excellent new website.

Maintenance and upgrades

Websites are like homes. To hold their value, they require ongoing maintenance and thoughtful upgrades. Our work doesn’t stop once your site is operational. We’ll continue to analyze performance, address technical issues, and refresh your content. We also report on results and answer questions after upgrades. As we said, this is a longtime partnership.

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