Best Enterprise Web Design Services

Best Enterprise Web Design Services

Why is SOS Media Corp the Best in Enterprise Web Design Services in Edmonton?

1. Strategy

Your success is our top priority as we go about creating the perfect strategy for you. At SOS Media Corp, we design websites using state-of-the-art tools. Once the site map – a list of all important points of a website – is ready, we work out plans to make it appealing and topical.

2. Design & Progress

The visual appeal of a website is as important as its content. Once the site map is ready, the perfect design gets crafted, keeping in mind the target audience. An appealing design gets made from a prototype of graphic elements. The first creation is the Home Page, from where the shell for the interior pages gets laid out.

3. Ardent Towards Work

The perfect reward for our work is your success. In Edmonton, we draw our reputation from your progress. That is why we go for out-of-the-box solutions while crafting dynamic websites. SOS Media Corp takes pride in continuing our relationship with clients even after a project is done.

4. Help You Achieve Goals

You never want to leave a less than desirable impression. That is where SOS Media Corp comes in. We design appealing content for you so that you can hit the ground running and achieve your goals. We stay by your side even as your business grows, because great brands need great design.

5. Team Unity

Website Design s a daunting task. You would not want amateurs to design your website, especially because big tasks need big teams. SOS Media Corp is comprised of skilled designers and experts. Our experts in Edmonton work together to ensure precise and timely delivery. This cohesion translates into unity, which results in great designs!

6. Connection With Clients

We understand that clear communication is the bridge between expectation and reality. We ensure that our designers and experts in Edmonton are always ready to answer your questions. We are here for you, and we ensure round-the-clock availability.

7. Identifying Client Needs

A project is not just a deadline for us. We wish to see you grow! We ensure that clear channels of communication are open. Our designs are not a ready-made solution. They are an organic product designed to exceed your expectations. We do this by identifying solutions to problems that have not yet appeared.

8. We Observe

Our design solutions aim at giving you value for your money. That is why we keenly observe even the smallest details that go into the making of your website. We add elements that may give you the edge over your competitors. Our vast experience and attention to detail is what you are searching for online.

9. Dedication

We have worked for hundreds of hours to carve a niche in the web design market. Our tireless efforts have gained us our loyal clients. Their success has been our greatest achievement! All of this is possible because of our dedication and devotion to our craft.

10. Dependable Team

At SOS Media Corp, we have an inspiring leadership team supported by domain experts. Most of our members have years of experience handling different projects. They are experts in the design industry, knowing the best practices inside and out. It is our amazing team who works on your projects, and they deliver every time.

11. Mobile-Friendly Websites

Technology has made consumers want everything via a single tap on their mobile screens. Our designers are experts at getting your websites designed for small screens. As most business comes from mobile websites, even Google ranks them higher. This is reason enough to have your website become mobile-friendly!

12. Threat-Free Websites

We not only help you create appealing websites, but we also ensure they are secure. Given the advancements that internet hackers have made, your customers need a secure environment to browse safely. We help you achieve this, especially because Google leans towards more secure websites.

13. Exact Pricing

Individual needs differ, which is why we never force anyone to commit to any specific package. We charge for the services needed, and we never persuade people to choose a package not suited for them. With us, you pay for what you need—nothing more, nothing less.

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Benefits of Enterprise Web Design for Your Company:

1. Good Impression

A website is like your physical store. If the layout is not user-friendly, customers will leave. If you work with professionals to handle the face of your business, the results can be amazing. Poorly designed websites rarely grow your business. Instead, you’ll want a beautifully designed enterprise website!

2. To Compete

Professional website design companies are experts when it comes to the latest trends in the market. They keep reinventing themselves! When you hand over a design aspect to professionals, they give you the edge over your competitors. How? Simply by making it more user-friendly and appealing. Better website equals more traction.

3. For SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no walk in the park. It takes a professional to understand what content is SEO friendly and incorporate it into the website. A professional agency in Edmonton will combine aesthetics with analytics to get you the desired results.

4. Business Credibility

A good website exudes and inspires confidence. Now, a poorly done website is usually a recipe for disaster. Until your site is perfect, customers are unlikely to interact with your business. Once you post your services or products on a professional website, you will see a spike in traction and business!

5. A Way of Promoting Business

Professional agencies devise ways to integrate your website with modern marketing tools. Be it social media or email marketing systems, professionals have you covered. And, the best part is that this integration costs less than most traditional models.

6. Generating Leads

Despite the leaps social media has made, it seldom translates into a real sale. That is where a professional website comes in handy. It creates passive income through pay per click models integrated into the website. A properly designed website funnels queries into an actual business lead.

7. Business Becomes Noticeable

A well-designed website incorporates key SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elements. Add the security aspect to it, and the entire thing is transformed. It is key to Google’s way of functioning. A secure and professional website altered to suit mobile devices enhances rankings. It results in your business becoming much more noticeable.

8. To Build Your Company’s Brand

A cohesive design that is easy to navigate becomes a website’s USP. Designers can help you strike the right chord with your target audience. What this results in is loyalty! When loyalty persists, it helps you build your brand. Modern-day online users are quite demanding, but when they see what they want, they follow the brand.

9. To Understand People using Google Analytics

Professional designers are well-versed in deciphering the complexities in Google Analytics. They help you understand the demographics and other attributes of your audience. Plus, they help you understand what the range among your audience is. All these details are necessary to build and advance a brand.

10. Reduces Extra Costs

Print and other traditional media advertisements have one large issue –  once done, you cannot undo them. However, a website is as dynamic as one’s thought process. It is open to changing whenever you desire. And, the cost of traditional media is way higher than a website. If you are good at crunching numbers, you know which is superior.

11. To Broaden Your Business

Businesses are not dependent on walk-in customers to drive sales these days. The Internet has allowed businesses to move past geographical barriers. A good website could be the difference between gaining new customers and losing out. Good designs are visually appealing and attract wider audiences.

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Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Web Design Company for their Enterprise:

1. Not selecting a firm that has both Designers and Developers

Getting a website up and keeping it running are two different tasks. The first is the designers’ domain, and the second is the developers’. At SOS Media Corp, we have the right mix of both. When we take up work, we see it through. We have the best designers and developers to get your website ready and operational.

2. Choosing A Company Who Doesn’t Offer Maintenance Service

A website is like a high-end car, needing constant care. If the company you choose leaves you after getting your website ready, you are using the wrong company. A good company will undertake all the maintenance. While in the market, search for the best company based on its after-sale service.

3. Not Selecting a Company that Offers SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website is what keeps it relevant. Some design firms concentrate on getting the work done. This can cost you a lot. Google ranks a page on the use of keywords, usability, design, and relevancy of content. If these aspects are not optimized, they will have far-reaching consequences.

4. Selecting a Company Who Prefers Only Coding

What’s beauty without substance? Nothing. Those promising and appealing designs via coding alone discount the value of the audience. Until a firm invests in knowing the demographics and analyzing them, there is no scope for traction. No matter how visually appealing the content is. Always go for a blend of coding and analytics to get the most out of your website.

5. Choosing a Company Who Uses Only One Technology

Your requirements may be in tune with the demands of your audience, but what about the technology? If you hire a firm that has not invested in modern technology, you are in for disappointment. They may deliver inferior products and leave a bad impression. When users are unhappy, businesses suffer.

6. Not Speaking With Multiple Companies Before Choosing One

A rational customer is the essence of the free market. A rational customer never takes impulsive decisions. While selecting a company, find out what competitors have to offer. The devil is in the details. A comparison may help you find out better offers in terms of technology, service, and money.

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Enterprise Web Design FAQ’s:

Q1) Which web domain should I choose?

Catchy phrases and innovative terms can be in your domain name, but always remember that you are building a business. You want your audience to remember your name and what you stand for. If it is difficult to pronounce or spell, it’s better left alone. Go for simple names that can strike a chord with the people whom you wish to engage with. It should also be communication friendly.

Q2) Are there any specific methods to update my website?

Smaller businesses can ask for web designers to handle the content update part. Alternatively, they can do it on their own. If the website has many pages, it is better to have a professional Content Management System (CMS). Always select a company with a well-oiled machine capable of handling your content as well. At SOS Media Corp, we are skilled at providing CMS to all clients.

Q3) What is the time taken to create a website?

From conceptualizing a design to giving it life on the internet, it may take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. However, if you are upfront with all of the details and ideas, the duration can become shorter. Keep your content, including text and images, ready for your developers. The content may also come in handy to make your website SEO friendly. Visit our Edmonton office today to learn more!

Q4) What is the total number of pages I can have on my website?

You can have as many pages as you wish! A professional design company usually creates two-three pages to get you started. However, if you are upfront with all of the content and have been part of the initial brainstorming, you may ask for more pages. You call the shots as it is your website!

Q5) Define Website Development?

Website development is the art of getting a website up and running. It involves thought-intensive processes of conceptualizing the overall layout. Then, it involves a lot of brainstorming to plan the various stages of development. All electronic files get built into a cohesive structure to form the various pages of a website.

Q6) What does CMS mean?

CMS stands for Content Management System. A website is a big collection of content. Now, to keep the website relevant and updated, content needs to be management. That is where CMS comes into play. When done properly, CMS enhances the quality and relevance of a website. You can do this individually if you are trained in CMS. Alternatively, you may employ professional services to help out.

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