Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team
  • Ted Halabi


    Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing! In it to win it.

    Photo: Ted Halabi
  • Chad Thomas

    Managing Partner

    Work hard, play hard!

    Photo: Chad Thomas
  • Kerri Lenz

    Social Media Co-Director

    In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

    Photo: Kerri Lenz
  • Amanda Dunroe

    Social Media Co-Director

    You miss 100% of the dogs you don't pet.

    Photo: Amanda Dunroe
  • Sasha Kleinfeldt

    Lead Web Developer & Designer

    Stay humble, be fearless, and work, work, work, work, work, work.

    Photo: Sasha Kleinfeldt
  • Dmytro Tovstyga

    Sr. Web Designer

    I do what I love, and I love what I am doing.

    Photo: Dmytro Tovstyga
  • Carmina Abanes

    Web UX/UI Designer

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    Photo: Carmina Abanes
  • Emmanuel Oparah

    Senior Graphic & Experiential Designer

    Understands the logic! Creates the magic! #makeithappen

    Photo: Emmanuel Oparah
  • Amy Prasad

    Executive Assistant

    In my head everything is dark and twisty.

    Photo: Amy Prasad
  • Chris Peacock

    Videographer & Photographer


    Photo: Chris Peacock
  • Noah Hatoum

    Video Director

    Story telling through a lens is one of the most powerful communication tools

    Photo: Noah Hatoum
  • Kyle Doherty

    Sr. Account Executive

    Looks 50; acts 10

    Photo: Kyle Doherty
  • Paige Gordon


    "Life is short, make every outfit count"

    Photo: Paige Gordon
  • Laura Macala

    Creative Director

    "When you're out of willpower you call on stubbornness, that's the trick."

    Photo: Laura Macala
  • Allen Padilla

    SEM + SEO Strategist

    Per Aspera Ad Astra

    Photo: Allen Padilla
  • Hiral Prajapati

    Web Developer

    Hello World!

    Photo: Hiral Prajapati
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