Branding, Logos... Graphic Design

Branding, Logos... Graphic Design

Are you looking for a new logo, visual branding or website updates?

You need a great graphic designer.

The way your brand is presented is crucial in keeping you top of mind to potential clients. We can help you define and design your brand to stand out in today’s competitive markets. From logos, business cards, to promotional materials — if you can dream it, we can design it!


Edmonton Graphic Design and Advertising Agency 

Our creative graphic design agency in Alberta develops original graphic design and advertising materials for marketing campaigns.

Here are some reasons to choose our Graphic Design Agency for Practical Reasons:


Continuous Support

We focus on collaboration with you and provide on-going support as we develop a distinctive identity of your brand, website design, development, graphic design, and illustration. Our approach lets us tailor each project to your needs and support it throughout the development process.

Dedicated Designers

As one of our valued clients, you meet with a designated designer who remains on your projects for every request that you submit. Our approach guarantees the consistent quality that you expect and deserve from one of our in-house designers. We never outsource your work to third-parties.

On-time Delivery

Your projects deserve the highest priority, and we make sure that you get them on time and as promised. We ensure our commitments to you by providing fast and reliable service when you expect it. We guarantee delivery, and you can count on it.

End-to-End Services

In the complex world of creative design, advertising, marketing, and print, we offer convenience and expertise to handle all your requirements under one roof. Our high-quality standards allow us to maintain consistency in all aspects of your projects, save your time and money, as well.

Expert Team

Our team of experts brings knowledge of the business world to your projects, providing insights that create a basis for understanding the outcomes that you seek. We meet each project with passion and innovation to develop business marketing opportunities for small and medium companies.

Top-Notch Quality

Our experience in managing big brand accounts gives you a competitive edge in your Edmonton business. We produce the same top-quality creative ingenuity and innovation in designs for all clients. Our dedication inspires us to deliver the most effective marketing initiatives on every project.

Latest Technology

We bring our expertise in the digital world to reinforce the impact of your brand’s identity. Our clients expect us to know the most recent advances in graphic design services. We rely on state-of-the-art technology to accurately represent the quality of our creative work.

Affordable Prices

Our common-sense approach to pricing gives you access to plans that provide a range of comprehensive services that suit your preferences. We offer options for the development of banners, icons, brochures, and images that address the market in dynamic presentation designs.

Tailor-made for Your Audience

Our designated designers provide the brand identity that appeals to your target audience. We tailor your brand into an identity that develops lasting relationships. Our experts customize your brand to consumer preferences that sustain your presence in the marketplace.


Types of Graphics Design we deliver

SOS Media Corporation in Edmonton develops the highest quality graphics to accomplish business marketing goals.


Logo Designing

Our designers deliver innovative and creative concepts that capture the essence of your brand and make it recognizable to customers. We create a memorable and unforgettable first impression that conveys the heart of your company in a few powerful words.

Corporate Marketing

We focus on producing results-driven graphics that generate leads. As your source of creativity and productivity, we provide content marketing, lead generation, digital marketing, and nurturing of sales leads. Our expertise can enhance your plans for growth in the marketplace.


We can harness the power of your brand identity by focusing on your reputation, customer service, online presence, and other attributes of your company that affect the public’s perception. Effective branding can increase your company’s value through the recognition and trust that it inspires.

Online Media

Our development of social media marketing can increase the interaction between you and your customers and build awareness. We recommend the most effective outlet for your communications, develop persuasive content, manage customer responses, and prepare status reports for your website.

Benefiting from the Advantages of Graphics Design for Your Business

Our creative graphic design company in Edmonton develops comprehensive strategies that incorporate the most effective components of marketing campaigns.

Brand Recognition

Your brand starts to achieve identity with our innovative logo design that uses creativity to express the essence of your company. We produce original designs that reflect your core values through our professional and aesthetic interpretation. We develop graphic designs that inspire and motivate your customers.

Draw Leads

We focus on projecting a brand message to the public that draws customers to your company. Our interpretation of business graphics creates your recognizable logo on banner ads, business cards, images and illustrations, social media outlets, and website designs with a fresh and relevant approach.

Highly Efficient

The expertise with infographics that we possess gives you a competitive edge. On social media, it ranks as a favorite communication method. We use visuals to efficiently summarize the information that readers otherwise skim or ignore altogether. Visuals can enhance reader understanding and extend viewing time.

Establish Confidence

Our design experts focus on the essential goal of establishing customer confidence in your product. We help build your customer base through our innovative design concepts that reflect the quality of your product. Excellent website design can enhance your reputation as a reliable company.

Increase ROI

Our creatively conceived graphic designs help boost your sales and increase your ROI. Viewers recognize originality and associate it with your company as potential shoppers or members of your user community. Our artistry in business marketing contributes to long-term growth.

Extremely Professional

At SOS Media Corp., we can create the image that you want your company to present to the public. Aesthetic features or geometric designs create different impacts, and both can produce lasting impressions of your approach to business.


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