Best Responsive Web Design Services

Best Responsive Web Design Services

Why is SOS Media Corp the Best in Responsive Web Design Services in Edmonton?

High Standards

At SOS Media Corp, we never shy away from investing in the best technology or talent. Our experts in Edmonton adhere to high standards and follow ethical practices to deliver the best responsive web designs. We deliver results quickly and ensure everything is of the highest quality.

Dedicated Team

We offer a host of services including web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We have the most dedicated team in Edmonton! Our programmers, developers, and designers conceive the best possible web layout for you. Their expertise, innovation, and research are next to none. When SOS Media Corp takes up your project, rest assured that you will get the best results.

Expedited Delivery

When a team of experts works on your project, you can be sure that you’re getting the best results. Our experts are well-versed in the intricacies of web design. When experience and expertise combine, the result is a faster delivery. You can bank on us to deliver the product on time!

We Take Client Feedback Seriously

We ensure that the client’s needs are the main priority. That is why when we take up projects that we immediately implement clear channels of communication. Be it the start, the middle, or the end of a project, we always value client feedback. We also will ensure reasonable suggestions when needed.

Initial Consultation

Our experts in Edmonton always listen closely to the needs of the client, and then work to create useful strategies. The first consultation results in our experts offering you a free quote. They will explain the various costs involved, and ensure that there is transparency throughout the process.

Fixed Cost

Our payment process at SOS Media Corp is simple: Charge only for the services needed. Our experts in Edmonton will explain the cost breakdown of each element in the process. This helps you stick to your budget while we create the perfect website. At SOS Media Corp, we have made the ethical choice not to surprise our clients with inflated bills. You are always in the know about the cost of your project.

We are Transparent

Right from the start we maintain the highest degree of transparency. From our free quotes to project delivery, we ensure that you are part of the entire process. We are also up-front about the cost of each element that will be included, and our clear channels of communication always keep you in the loop. You never get the short end of the stick!

Data-Driven & Responsible

The success of a website lies in creating SEO friendly content. Our programmers and developers use Google Analytics to find the right course of action for your website. We target audiences based on the right demographic content. We are a data-driven enterprise. In our Edmonton office, we handle all of your data responsibly. Our clients know us to be trustworthy because we keep our process ethical and straightforward.

Various Styles

Brand image is essential when you enter the online world. At SOS Media Corp, we ensure that that mistakes won’t occur. After fixing the layout based on the website’s purpose, we set out to make everything right. We optimize the content to suit the target audience. We do this because we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Different people need different solutions!

We Test Our Work

We do not work on fixed templates. We are an agile company offering flexible designs to our customers in Edmonton. Once the prototype is ready, we test its relevance and reach. Only when it meets the client’s needs do we then proceed with the plan. All stages of our work are scrutinized by the industry’s best eyes, resulting in a superior product.

100% Commitment

From the free consultation all the way to CMS, we always stay by the side of our clients. We ensure that all of their questions and concerns are readily addressed. We employ our best talents to ensure that each website we create is up and running and also flourishing. Our commitment is unmatched.

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Benefits of Responsive Web Design for Your Business:

Increase in Mobile Audience

Mobile devices have emerged as a game-changer for the online world. Researches have shown that over half of all internet traffic originates from mobile phones! Because of this, responsive web designing is not an option, but a need. If Responsive Web Designing is a factor in your design process, it will result in a more vast reach. If your website suits mobile devices, it will lead to an increase in your overall mobile audience.

Quick Loading Pages

You want your audience to engage with your content, and that is possible only if your website is responsive to their preferred device. If your website is responsive, it will result in faster loading of the pages. When pages load quickly, people stick around and navigate the website. And when they navigate, they engage, thus bringing you more business.

Transformation Rate

Customers should never have to wait. When your website gives the same experience across multiple devices, it’s the work of responsive design. When you have a secure and capable platform, audiences will likely stay with you. This loyalty translates into a higher transformation rate of an audience into a customer, which eventually drives sales!

Rank Higher on Search Engines

Not everybody can understand Google’s complex algorithms. Analytics have shown that responsive pages feature higher on Google’s search results. This is the prime reason why you should get your website to have a responsive design. The faster your pages load, the better it is for your website’s rankings. You can have a secure and SEO friendly platform that adds to Google’s attraction to your website.

Google Will Lift Your Business

Google exists to help people engage with content. If your pages are responsive, Google is already attracted to your website. If you play it right, Google will help you to reach new audiences, and can help you surpass geographical boundaries to make more money.

Social Media Benefits

A social media presence  (or lack thereof) could be the make or break factor for your business. Remember, over 60 percent of social media traffic originates from mobile phones. Now, you do not want to lose out on this just because your website is not responsive. Have professionals like SOS Media Corp design your website to increase your social media presence.

Tracking & Reporting

Responsive websites are not just user-friendly, but they also help the business owners. All analytics, data tracking, and reporting converge to a single place for easy analysis. This is essential in saving time. In addition, this helps reduce onsite content management.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

If you are the early bird type, here is some good news – few companies have responsive websites. What this means is that they have yet to optimize their pages. That is where you get a chance to stay ahead of the game! Optimize your pages to reach a greater audience, and you are surely going to come out on top.

To Decrease Bounce Rates

People these days want everything as quick as possible. Imagine your website takes forever to load – the customers may quickly leave your website and visit your competitor. Optimizing your pages by making them responsive can address this issue. It will reduce the load time, and the bounce rates will automatically climb down.

Easy Maintenance

Having an optimized website means that you don’t have to use individual platforms. All changes get made from one single point. Plus, you do not need separate teams to handle the platforms. It brings down the maintenance cost and helps you breathe easy.

Highly Flexible

Responsive websites are like water. Just like water, they take the shape of the vessel that they are in. Responsive websites easily adjust to different platforms. This flexibility saves you cost and management headaches. And, this does not compromise the quality of content. All of your viewers get the same quality and experience.

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Responsive Web Design FAQs

Q1) Define responsive web design?

Responsive Web Design the art of optimizing pages to respond to the size of the screen they are viewed on. A responsive page opens on any device without a hitch, and there will be no compromise in terms of quality. A responsive page offers the same experience across platforms.

Q2) Will I be able to convert my present website to a responsive website?

Yes! However, you may need professional help. That is because making websites responsive requires code alterations and design tweaks. This work must go to a professional agency with vast experience.

Q3) What is the main benefit of a responsive website?

There are many benefits associated with a responsive website. First, it helps you reach a wider audience using different devices. Second, it enhances your ranking on Google search results. Third, it reduces your website’s loading time across platforms. And fourth, quick response results in a better experience. These factors lead to better sales!

Q4) How do I check if my website is responsive?

Google’s mobile responsive test is a tool to assess the responsiveness of your website. However,  you may require the services of a professional for this test. It will help you decipher the status of your website. If required, you may need to take steps to get any issues rectified.

Q5) Can you explain the difference between a static and a dynamic website?

Static page: This is a page written in HTML. For editing, you must visit each page and carry out corrections on the HTML. It does not draw from any database.

DYNAMIC PAGE: This page uses complex codes. One can carry out changes wherever they want as the pages depend on database information.

Q6) What is the time taken by my website to feature in the search engines?

Each day, millions of website submissions get made. Based on this, your page may take anywhere between six weeks and six months to feature. You will have to check the metrics daily to find the most suitable format to engage your audience. If everything works out, the chances of you featuring in the results will be higher.

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