Custom Web Design Services

Custom Web Design Services

Why is SOS Media Corp Best at Creating Custom Web Design Services in Edmonton?

1. Personal Care

Our web design services are unique and custom-built for your brand. Our qualified design team in Edmonton are able to create templates from scratch to suit your needs. We research your branding guidelines before developing your website, and our websites reflect your mission statement and company values. Our original designs engage audiences and attract more visitors to your business website.

2. Responsibility

At SOS Media Corp, we are a team of hardworking and committed designers and web developers in Edmonton. We take full accountability of every project to ensure that your requirements are addressed. We perform detailed research and analysis before accepting new projects. Our analysis helps us provide clear timelines on when the project can be delivered to our clients.

3. Variety of Services

SOS Media Corp consists of a professional team that offers a wide range of services. We specialize in the design, development, and Social Media marketing of websites. We have expert knowledge of SEO practices (Search Engine Optimization) and other optimization techniques. We also offer related services, such as website hosting and domain registration. Our team is trained in diverse web technologies.

4. Honesty

One of our core values is honesty. We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with all of our clients. We are transparent about our business practices, pricing, and SLA’s. We work to engage you in every aspect of the design and development process for the utmost clarity. We are proactive in engaging with our clients, and we always encourage collaboration.

5. Innovation

SOS Media Corp thrives on a spirit of constant innovation. We are well-versed in the latest web technologies and we keep a close watch on the latest industry trends. Our team infuses a unique blend of creativity and technology to bring more value to our clients. We implement unique and cutting-edge methodologies to design every single website.

6. Customer Service & Dedication

Our highly-trained customer support teams in Edmonton are always willing to assist you. We cultivate a deep sense of dedication with every client and project. You can reach us through various channels, including phone and e-mail. Our trained professionals investigate each issue thoroughly until we find a solution, and we regularly update clients on any issues reported.

7. We Understand Your Needs

We meet with our clients regularly to gauge their desired outcomes from their website. Our dedicated project managers analyze your project requirements extensively, and research your company (as well as your competitors), to bring the best value to the table. We research your target audience to develop a website that drives maximum visitor traffic.

8. We Use Contemporary Technology

We are up to date with the latest web technologies trending in the industry. We use the most versatile software to create your website, and our designers and developers are quick to adapt to any new technology in the industry. We also have expertise with the best design techniques and front and back-end web technologies.

9. We Love a Challenge

Our Edmonton design team is always up for a challenge that pushes the boundaries. We are always creative and meticulous while handling a challenging project. We are experts at solving complex third-party integration problems and cloud-based integrations. We explain our approach in simple terms and seek your feedback at each step to ensure your satisfaction.

10. You Will Be Stress-Free

We are in constant communication with our clients at every stage of their project. We explain each phase and its outcomes clearly, so you know what to expect. We like to make the whole experience stress-free and enjoyable for our clients. A dedicated project manager is just a call away to answer any questions or concerns.

11. Professional Ethics

Ethics and integrity are company values that we never compromise on. All of our business and payment processes at SOS Media Corp are ethical and designed for complete transparency. Our conduct with clients is always professional, and we never overcharge our clients or bill you for services you do not require. Our team adheres to the highest standards in the industry.

12. Cutting Edge Technology

Our Edmonton designers and developers embrace the latest in modern technology. We ensure that your website is built to world-class standards. Our expertise enables us to deliver stable and secure websites that require minimal maintenance. We also make sure to use licensed tools and stable software libraries for design and development. The result is a secure and modern website!

13. Project Management

We have a unique and proven project management system that delivers results and saves time. Our dedicated project teams follow the Agile methodology to deliver outstanding websites. We have a robust internal tracking and reporting mechanism that enables us to stay on top of deadlines. We handle projects end-to-end, and we send you regular status updates.

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Benefits of Having Custom Web Design for Your Website:

1. No Limitations

A custom website designed by SOS Media Corp is open to endless possibilities! You are not inhibited by the limitations of pre-designed templates and their limited functionality. Custom websites are designed specifically for your business, and offer unmatched functionality. Every aspect of a custom website can be tailored just the way you envision it.

2. It’s Fast

The quicker your site loads, the better the overall customer experience will be on your site. Websites built using certain templates may often contain hidden aspects that slow the site down. These can make the site unstable and significantly increase load times. Custom websites offer the benefit of quick loading times, and they can be optimized so that they don’t contain unwanted software.

3. Quality

When you opt for a custom website, the quality is evident instantly. Your brand presence stands out more prominently, and you get to choose the design and features that get implemented. It leads to an uncluttered site with great overall aesthetics. Your website is a lot more scalable for future design changes, too!

4. Targets Customers

When you choose a custom website, you can focus more clearly on what your customers want to see. Your website will truly reflect your company values and commitment to your customers. It engages customers more dynamically and increases your conversion rates and customer loyalty. Your brand visibility increases among potential new customers.

5. Search Engine Friendly (Search Engine Optimization)

Custom websites give you the power to add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques into them right from the design stage. This optimizes your site for speed and greater rankings on search engines. You will see more organic visitor traffic and higher customer engagement over time. It also makes it easier to fine-tune the website for online marketing campaigns.

6. Adaptability

Custom websites offer unmatched adaptability because of their flexible and scalable design models. The technology of a template no longer constrains you; You are free to infuse the latest technology and SEO techniques to truly stand out from your competitors. Maintenance tasks are hassle-free, and it’s easy to integrate third-party software.

7. Improved Performance

A main benefit of custom websites is the enhanced overall performance of the website. It not only loads quicker, but it is a lot more stable than a template-based website. Custom websites are better at performing when it comes to security, and they offer more protection against attacks. The inherent optimization boosts performance and keeps the site bug-free.

8. Unique Design

From a design perspective, custom websites offer unlimited freedom. You can break away completely from traditional design practices to implement your unique design. It allows you to fully immerse your brand’s identity, and makes it more attractive to visitors. Plus, you can redesign the site in the future if your business requires it.

9. Stand Out From The Crowd

Custom websites project a unique identity that reflects your company’s overall aesthetic and vision. They showcase a strong and professional image to your audience. They also encourage positive engagement and increased customer trust. You are in complete control over every aspect of the customer journey and interactions on the website. It will offer more credibility than your competitors.

10. You call the shots

You are in absolute control over your custom website! You have complete flexibility over the look, feel, and functionality, and you are the key decision-maker in the entire website design and development process. Every component of the site, including security, can be overseen by you based on your company’s website requirements.

11. Scalability

You don’t need to worry about rebuilding your website from scratch in the event of company expansion. Custom websites offer a high degree of unmatched scalability. You can easily add more functionality or enhance existing functionality to serve more users. It also enables you to easily integrate third-party software and plugins for higher engagement.

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FAQ’s about Custom Web Design:

1. Why should we opt for custom web design?

Your business website showcases a strong brand image for your customers. A mediocre website can reflect negatively on your professionalism. Choosing to custom develop a website gives you complete freedom to infuse your brand characteristics. You choose the colours, layout, functionality, and more. You can also optimize your site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) right from the design stage, and have the freedom to scale or redesign at any time.

2. What will be the approximate price for creating a custom website?

The pricing for a custom website can be tricky to estimate up-front. Several factors will drive the costs up or down. Estimation is usually based on our analysis of your key requirements and desired outcome. We work with you to discover your design ideas and security and functionality requirements. Based on our analysis, we then provide a quote for the project.

3. Why should I opt for a professional to design my website?

Hiring the services of a qualified professional for a custom website is invaluable. A professional web developer comes with strong experience and awareness of the latest trends. They can design for specific target audiences with a clear focus on SEO. Professionals are also well-versed with the latest web technologies. Your website will be much more secure and scalable for any future redesign or expansion plans.

4. Will I be able to update my website if needed after it goes live?

You are the owner of the website the moment it goes live! You will have complete control over the scripts and other aspects such as media and images. Professional developers usually create a simple CMS (Content Management System) or dashboard when handing off a project. Even someone with minimal technical experience can easily update content and images using these dashboards. You will want to contact a professional for complex updates.

5. Will my website be SEO friendly?

The biggest advantage of custom websites is the ease with which SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be incorporated. Since the website is built from the ground up, you can start optimizing content and images for SEO right from the design phase. We implement the best SEO industry practices during development. We also perform SEO audits after the site is live to identify any SEO opportunities, including keywords and content updates.

6. Should I write the content for my website?

You are welcome to share your content with us to update on the website. Alternatively, you can hire us to author the website content. We have an experienced team of content writers and editors who can help with content strategy. We ensure that the content follows your brand mission and strategy closely. We also make any content we create SEO friendly by using trending keywords.

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