Is Your Social Media Reach Rich?

Is Your Social Media Reach Rich?

Is Your Social Media Reach Rich?

Is Your Reach Rich?

Do you only focus on reach potential on your social media ads? Here’s why you should rethink your approach.

Quality over Quantity

Sometimes when planning a campaign, organizations focus on how many people can be reached with certain budget. It is our belief that you shouldn’t be focusing only on the number of your potential reach, instead you should be focusing on reaching the right people with rich content that is valuable for your audience. Afterall, it is these people that are more likely to become customers.

How to generate a Rich Reach

A great way to achieve a rich reach is by running a blog. A blog allows you to write news about your industry, share your ideas, and to keep your clients in the loop about your product or service. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at what your biggest competitors are doing, and subscribe to sites that will inspire you to create interesting content. For example, if you have a shoe company, subscribe to fashion blogs or even invite known fashion bloggers to write guests posts for you.

Your website is vital

Additionally, make sure that your website is easy to navigate and that it provides answers to potential questions that clients may ask; that way, if you run an ad, the clients can land on the right piece of content that’s going to convince them to finalize the transaction.

Are you in need of help creating rich content and targeting the right people?

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