Is Your Landing Page Built To Convert?

Is Your Landing Page Built To Convert?

Is Your Landing Page Built To Convert?

Are your customers experiencing a “Smooth Landing”?

Your ad has the right copy and amazing visuals and to top it off you have a big budget to ensure you target the right audience. You’re ready to launch your campaign, but before you do, ask yourself this question –  Is your ad leading people to a page that will convert them into customers?

Are your customers finding what they’re looking for?

Suppose you own a restaurant and you’re running a campaign to book Valentine’s day dinners. Your ad shows a picture of a couple and has a copy that appeals to people in love. You want those people to land on a page that makes it quick and easy for them to book their date. If they land on your homepage and they don’t know where to go, they are likely to exit the site, leaving you with no leads and potentially a high bounce rate that can end up hurting your site.

It is not enough to make an ad and link it to your website, you have to make sure that when your ad catches people’s attention and they click on it, that they find exactly what they’re looking for. How do you accomplish this?With a landing page.

Elements of a Great Landing Page

The elements of a landing page that will bring value to your marketing efforts are:

  • Great and simple copy. A headline that captures your audience’s attention is vital to spark people’s interest. Your landing page should also include keywords that help search engines crawl your website and ensure that you get more organic traffic.
  • A form with a call to action. A form allows you to track conversions and to analyze your audience so you can create better ads.
  • Clean design. A simple and clear design won’t distract your customers from what you want them to do. If you want them to fill out a form, keep the rest of your page pretty simple and bring all the attention to your form.
  • Sharing buttons. Increase the people you reach by adding social sharing buttons that will allow people that find your content interesting share it with others that might be interested too.

When it comes to making sure your customers land in the right place, you have a ton options, the most important question to keep in mind when choosing where your customers will land is: Does this page encourages your clients to convert?

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