Facebook Live Will Let You Skip To The Best Parts

Facebook Live Will Let You Skip To The Best Parts

Facebook Live Will Let You Skip To The Best Parts

Facebook Live Reaction Timeline

How do you watch video on social media? We’re willing to bet that you either wait until the video gets boring and continue scrolling on your timeline, or fast forward until you find something worth watching.

Facebook Live is about to change all of that. During  Live Video, viewers are able to react and comment to the video in real time. Facebook monitors this engagement. The exciting news is that Facebook is planning to create a visualized timeline of when reactions occur. When users fast forward through a replay of the live video, they will see a reaction volume graph overlaid on the progress bar, so you will know which parts of the live stream are the juiciest – helping you skip to the best parts!

In theory, this should prevent people from exiting off of your video if they reach a moment that isn’t exciting to them. They will instead be able to skip to parts that generate the highest reaction and engagement. This also will give Live Streamers more creative control in their video content, such as more lead up time to a big moment. There will be less pressure for their video to kick off with a big bang.

The engagement graph is beginning to roll out to users now.

Facebook Live Video Reactions Replay

Facebook has also revealed that they are releasing a live video reactions replay, so if you missed the live version of a video, you will be able to see the reactions coming in as though they were happening live. This will help users feel like they are watching videos in real time.

New Facebook Live Interactive Features

Facebook has also revealed that they will be adding more interactive features to Facebook Live. These features include Live Filters, the ability to invite friends to your Live Video Stream, the ability to draw and doodle on your video, Facebook Live map with search functions for both mobile and desktop, and new metrics for Live Video analytics.

What features of Facebook Live would you like to see?

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