3 Ways to Create Content That Will Generate Great SEO Results

3 Ways to Create Content That Will Generate Great SEO Results

3 Ways to Create Content That Will Generate Great SEO Results

The importance of great content has become universally accepted by online marketers. And it’s no wonder why – the ability to captivate viewers with powerful text and stunning visual media has been a boon to brands everywhere.

However, the keys to quality content aren’t as simple as a few blog posts and a YouTube video or two. To truly generate recurring visitors and provide them with compelling reasons to interact with a brand requires some finesse.

3 ways to create content that will give your website a big SEO boost

1. Make It Great, and Make It New

There was a time in online marketing when quantity of content really was more important than quality. Search engines like Google would give preference to sites that generated fresh content frequently. The logic was sound – most active websites were likely more relevant than their stagnant peers.

Now, with the enormous volume of content being generated across the web, Google is far more particular about the kind of content it prioritizes. Instead of keyword-stuffed mini posts, search engines like Google look for expert articles that are long in length and deep in research.

One solid way to pursue great content is simply to make it original. Rather than rehashing well-trod ideas, content should strive to differentiate itself from other examples in its field. Disruptive, original content is more interesting to viewers, and can set a brand apart from its competitors.

2. Evergreen Is Always Good

With all of the fleeting fads and short-lived trends across the internet, keeping content current can be an enormous undertaking. Pieces written or videos filmed even a year ago might be woefully obsolete. This means that, even should a user stumble on older articles, the content might appear dated and useless.

Enter “evergreen” content. This content is great for SEO, because it’s not tied to any passing fancy. Instead, it acts as cornerstone content that will continue to generate interest and backlinks well after its publication.

There’s nothing wrong with covering current trends and paying them heed. But finding topics and creating content that will remain green for longer will be more valuable for a website’s SEO in the long run.

3. More than Just Words

“Content” has become such a buzz-word that it has ceased to have any real meaning. Content marketing can largely just refer to blogging, even though there is so much more to it.

Break out of the mentality that content only involves words and blogging – rich media content can be even more impactful for a website’s SEO, and engage readers in a deeper way.

Search engines like Google don’t only crawl the text on a site, they also look for other media that provides dynamic content. Videos, slideshares and photo galleries that are tagged effectively can have just as large (or larger) of an impact on a site’s SEO.

Used in conjunction with effective written words, rich media is an essential part of any content strategy.


Content has become king of online marketing efforts over the last few years, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing anytime soon. But not every piece of content generated has the same impact on a site’s SEO efforts.

During a time, more was better, but now content has to be thoroughly researched, original and relevant to be well regarded by search engines and users alike.

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