5 Quick SEO Techniques You Might Not Be Using

5 Quick SEO Techniques You Might Not Be Using

5 Quick SEO Techniques You Might Not Be Using

There are huge numbers of SEO experts online, but each one will probably have their own opinion on how best to rank a website.

There is no guaranteed formula that works for every site, though a variety of different methods can still produce the desired results. Some site owners want to play it safe, while others like to try the edgier tactics that could lead to a site penalty. While creating quality content and promoting it effectively is a broad plan, there are individual tactics that can result in an influx of backlinks. The following five techniques are all methods that are worth pursuing alongside a general SEO campaign.

Promote a Roundup Article

A roundup article features the opinions of a number of industry figures on a particular topic. Most experts are happy to provide content for this type of article, with the ability to further enhance their name and brand on other sites. While a roundup article has obvious benefits in providing content, it can also assist with SEO. After publishing the article, inform the contributors that the post is live. In most cases, experts will post the link on their social media or blogs, providing an immediate burst of promotion and backlinks.

Turn Brand Mentions into Backlinks

As you start to develop a site, you should see your brand being mentioned across various platforms. Brand new sites might not experience this so much, but employing the roundup article method will start the process. Not every site that mentions you will actually link to your site, though, so it is necessary to get in contact. Send an email thanking the writer for mentioning you, then ask if they would link your brand name back to your site. More often than not, people will be receptive to your request. You can find brand mentions using tools like BuzzSumo, Mention, Google Alerts, and IFTTT.

Buy Under-Optimized Websites

There are many quality sites that don’t really understand SEO or marketing. The site owners might be passionate about the niche but have not spent time on title tags, site speed, readable text, advertising and other factors that provide a good user experience. If a site is not making money, you may be able to purchase it for a reasonable cost. Next, you can move the content to your own site and use a 301 redirect on the original articles. The backlink power pointing to the original content will be passed to your own site, while some article optimization could lead to a number of new rankings.

Analyze Competitors Links

Finding linking opportunities can be time-consuming, but the top competitors in your niche will already have done some of the work. Analyzing your competitors’ links should reveal a great number of sites that would be relevant and authoritative. Using a tool like Majestic, SEO Linksuite, or Ahrefs, you should run checks for sites on the first page for the main keywords. These sites should have a number of quality links, all of which you can potentially get a link from yourself. Try to work out why the site is linking to your competitor, whether from a links page, guest post, or contextual link, and contact them with an appropriate reason for linking to you.

Overhaul Content

Over time, the average website will amass a large amount of content. Some of this content will go unread, while other articles might still bring in recurring traffic. One technique is to delete lackluster old content and redirect the page to a more popular post. You can also update the quality older posts to feature some fresh content. Finally, apply the modern marketing techniques to the popular older post, so you could turn it into an infographic, make a video on the topic, or record a podcast. You can also inform anyone that originally promoted the article that it has been updated, possibly leading to a new round of promotion.

SEO fortunes can change quickly if the right techniques are used.

Each of these methods can quickly lead to a large number of backlinks, indicating to the search engines that the content is of value. If you continue to promote in this way across a number of pages, you will gradually improve the overall site authority. While there are no guarantees with the search engines, safe promotion of this kind should ultimately make a difference to your immediate search position.

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