Web Design Marketing for Local Companies

Web Design Marketing for Local Companies

Web Design Marketing for Local Companies

In today’s Google Universe, it’s important to remember that quality content is what triggers listings.

That makes the marketing techniques in your web page content much more important. In that regard, there is a big difference between trying to develop a website for internet business and trying to attract local attention to a brick & mortar. Here are some ideas to gear your website toward gaining local business.

Associations and links

Even if your company isn’t in need of credibility or goodwill, you will benefit greatly by associating with other successful businesses in your area. It may seem tacky or like riding coattails to name-drop others on your website but, it doesn’t have to. That is why you need a good strategy for your SEO. Talk about associations, successful joint projects, and compatible businesses within the same industry in a positive fashion and make the company part of a bigger picture of success. Link swapping with other successful local business allows a mutual benefit. If you are selling a lot of someone else’s product, you may earn some leeway in using their name in advertising.

Identifiable content

When you go to a website and see pictures of the places and buildings of your town, you feel the familiarity with local landmarks. That’s a powerful draw for business. Pictures of city landmarks or beaches can create a personal connection between business and customers. Thinking in terms of products, if what you carry is specific or hard to find, post pictures of them. There is nothing like the excited utterance,”That’s it!” to close a sale for you. This is where talking about popular national brands, and using their own familiar ad slogans can make a big difference.


Because it’s not really a technique; it’s just people making an honest appeal. Whether it’s on the TV or on the web, there’s plenty of success in people just “giving it straight” to their customers. They do it because it works. It could be an auto salesman with his arms-a-waving, or it could be a contractor with his whole family in the picture, either way, it lets the customer know who they’re talking to. Even big organizations try to personalize, as with Aunt Jemima or Uncle Sam. Showing your hobbies or interest in local sports and your involvement in things like Little League will also go a long way towards letting people know who you are.


References is where the blog pages are so important. A blog page should used so customers tell other customers about their successes with you. If you’re talking to one of your customers, and they say something nice about you, ask if you can put it on your blog. If they’re slow to do it, ask if you can do it for them. If someone with a solid reputation in your city is really satisfied with you, post it. But really, let anyone who had something nice to say about you say it. References should be constantly updated. It shows that you’re busy, and it shows that these people are having new, positive experiences.

One of the most important aspects of this type of content is that general searches will generate your company’s name. It will come up with other companies that tend to be more visible in public and on the web. Images, videos and articles are also increasingly more dynamic. When web designers can get business owners to help in generating good content, it’s usually very effective. At SOS Media Corp we know how important it is to showcase your business with a stunning and beautiful website design. Give us a call to learn more.

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