Sawmill Restaurant

Sawmill Restaurant Case Study

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Sawmill Restaurant
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About the Client

Sawmill is a prime rib and steakhouse. They opened their first establishment in 1976 and are still growing strong today with nine restaurant locations and a catering centre. They partner with many fantastic organizations such as Edmonton Eskimos, Edmonton Oilers, University Hospital Foundation Brain Centre, and many local non-profit groups! Famous for their 28-day aged Certified Angus Beef and their excellent customer service, Sawmill has grown throughout Alberta, now hosting multiple locations.


To convert the Sawmill Restaurant menu and feel to a web-friendly format, allowing patrons to learn about the steakhouse and its offerings.

Sawmill Restaurant website mockup


A delectable website pairing rich imagery and important facts potential diners need to make an informed choice of service or food from Sawmill’s supply. Some information can vary between Sawmill locations, so there are an array of location pages detailing the differences in each restaurant, as well as individualized reservation forms.

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Scope of Work

  • Openbook / Bookenda integrations for easy table reservations
  • Sliders featuring specialty dishes
  • Online menus in-page and via PDF
  • Easy-to-find location-specific information
  • Map featuring grocery stores that carry Sawmill’s steak sauce
  • Customer experience feedback survey
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