How to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Rates

How to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Rates

How to Boost Your Facebook Engagement Rates

75 Easy-to-Implement Tips for Brand Builders

Is your business’ Facebook page looking a little forlorn?

Are you posting updates yet seeing little to no interaction? It might be time to revamp your Facebook marketing strategy and rethink how your brand is using this awesome audience engagement tool. Review the following five business tips to see if you can boost your Facebook interaction rates and grow interest around your brand.

Adding emotion to your posts is crucial if you want improved engagement ratings.

From motivational posts to inspiring images, your audience will respond in greater numbers if you aren’t afraid to show your company’s softer side.

Make sure the majority of your brand’s posts include an image.

Text-only posts on Facebook will receive fewer likes and shares than those with engaging images. Use a tool like Canva to make sure your images stand out by using features like borders and creative fonts.

Cut the fluff in your Facebook posts.

Social media posts aren’t supposed to be long-winded. Keep your posts succinct and to the point and watch your audience interaction rates improve.

Write your Facebook posts just like you speak.

Just because you’re representing your brand, that doesn’t mean your tone has to change or you have to present yourself any differently than you appear to your brick-and-mortar customers. A natural demeanor will go a long way on Facebook. Talk down to your customers and don’t expect them to return.

Make it easy for customers to share your website’s content on their Facebook walls.

Ensure social media sharing icons are available on every page of your website and engage with customers when they mention your site on their Facebook page.

You want to build a community around your Facebook page and not just have it be the place where you post company updates. A one-sided conversation is no fun at all; engage with your brand’s followers and share in their successes. If you’re willing to pay attention to the above-listed details, you too can have a healthy and vibrant Facebook business page.

Are you going to up your social media marketing game and double-down on Facebook as a powerful business building tool?

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