Get Giphy With It

Get Giphy With It

Get Giphy With It

Have you heard of Giphy before?

It’s a website where you can search up GIFs of all types; that is, an animated image. You can see examples of this below.

Why GIFs?

We enjoy GIFs as they are not only an easy way to engage an audience, but they can really capture the mood that you want to represent. When managing your business over social media, it is important to interact with your audience as much as possible. GIFs are an excellent way to do so!

Using GIFs on Social Media

GIFs from Giphy can be used on platforms including Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. To directly share, you copy and paste the URL of the GIF into a status update or a tweet! No need to save the images. As well, we have used embedded versions of the GIFs from Giphy to share in this blog!

Check out Giphy today and see how it can freshen up your brand on social media!

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