Awesome Under-the-Radar Marketing Tools You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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Building a profitable online business takes more than passion and a strong work ethic. You can have an awesome product and a fabulous website design, but if you can’t attract consumers and convert them to customers, your online company has a slim chance of succeeding over the long haul. One way to increase your chances of ecommerce success is to integrate powerful marketing tools into your customer acquisition strategy. If you want help to supercharge your online business, consider adding the following under-the-radar ecommerce marketing tools into your business development plans.

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Do you use Google Analytics on your ecommerce site? Market your online business on Facebook? If so, you need to add Whatagraph to your resource list. Their powerful interface lets you instantly create stunning visualizations of both your Google Analytics and your Facebook data. Visualize data on everything from the number of likes on your Facebook posts to visitor information to your ecommerce site. Understanding your audience gets a whole lot easier once you discover Whatagraph.



Firecart offers ecommerce marketing software to online business owners. Automate your customer outreach efforts, discover new business leads, and increase your revenue opportunities thanks to Firecart. Create customer acquisition campaigns, promote your creations, and track analytics thanks to Firecart’s easy-to-use interface.



Remarkety is another cool tool for ecommerce vendors. Regardless of whether you use Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, you can use Remarkety to master your email marketing efforts. Improve your customer retention rates, reduce shopping cart abandonment stats, and grow your email subscriber list at the same time.


These are just a few nifty tools now available to ecommerce business owners like yourself. The more resources you have in your arsenal, the better prepared you are to grow your online business. Will you be incorporating any of the above-listed tools into your ecommerce marketing plans?

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