Group Chat & Creative Tools Introduced to Snapchat

Group Chat & Creative Tools Introduced to Snapchat

Group Chat & Creative Tools Introduced to Snapchat

Christmas came early this year!

Snapchat now allows for Snaps to be sent in Group Chats of up to 16 friends! You can also spruce up your Snap with a couple of the brand new Creative Tools!

Group Chat

Group Chat allows for 16 friends to share a conversation and add their own Snaps. For example, a group chat might be called “Friday Night”, where you and five friends discuss plans to get together.

Any Chats that are sent to a Group are deleted after 24 hours as a default. Similarly, if a Snap is not opened within 24 hours, it gets deleted from the Group, much like a regular Snap. Group Snaps can also be replayed once by each Group Chat recipient.

According to Snapchat…

Groups can be created while sending a Snap, or when you’re making a new Chat. When your friends are present in a Group Chat, we show their name at the bottom of the Chat. Simply tap their name to start a 1:1 Chat, and then easily return to the Group in one swipe!

We call this Quick Chat, and it’s the fastest way to keep the conversation going with one friend without spamming the entire Group.

Creative Tools

Snapchat, in addition to Group Chat, added Creative Tools to assist in creating your masterpiece. These tools include…

  • Scissors: Cut part of your Snap out on the Preview Screen to use as a sticker.
  • Paintbrush: Apply the Paintbrush to your Snaps in Memories to turn your photo into a true piece of art!

What sort of Snaps will you create with these tools? Let us know in the comments below!


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