Influencer Marketing – How To Do It and Why You Should

Influencer Marketing – How To Do It and Why You Should

Influencer Marketing – How To Do It and Why You Should

/ˈinflo͝oənsər/: people who have built a strong profile (typically on social media) with a loyal following

As we’ve seen a shift with social media over the past decade, “Influencer” has become a job title. Influencers have built a notable presence online that centers around trust and relatability. These people typically make their living by co-creating content with brands.

To summarize: many businesses ~FLOCK~ to work with influencers because there are numerous benefits to partnering with them. Most importantly:


Brands have seen tremendous ROI when working with an influencer. Their followings typically include highly supportive and trusting individuals who are more likely to pick up a product when their favourite influencer endorses it.

The good news? There are even more benefits than just money:

1. Creates content for you

Let’s face it: If you are going to be a popular brand on social media, you need pictures of your product. Photography can be expensive – especially if you want to place the product in different locations and on different people. By working with influencers, you can get incredible lifestyle content that you can share to your page. It’ll add some extra flair that isn’t strictly just a styled photo-shoot.

2. Provides social proof

Word of mouth is the best way to build clout. How many times have you bought online from a brand you’ve never heard of before? It’s rare. We work hard for our money and spend it when we trust it’ll be worth our hard-earned-pennies. Testimonials and features on popular accounts are EPIC ways to build social proof.


3. Builds brand awareness

The greatest thing you’ll ever do for your brand is to become a go-to product for people in your target market. Influencers can help build brand awareness to their followers.

4. Drive traffic to you

By being strategic about their caption and content, they will help drive traffic to YOU! People who are interested in interacting with your brand will go a step further and look you up.

Make this easier for them by putting your website link in bio. Remember, Instagram posts can’t include clickable links (other than swipe up posts for large accounts), so the link in bio is important.

Now that you’re well-versed in the benefits of social media marketing, you can begin the process!

Research influencers that you think will align with your brand, determine a budget, and confirm your goal & message. Voila!

Be specific in your goal and desired outcome. For example, if there is a promotion, make sure to mention that to the influencer that you’ve chosen to work with.

Need some more help? You can always reach out to us to find and select the ideal influencer for your brand!


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