Why More Businesses Are Getting Involved With Instagram

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Since the birth of Instagram in 2010, this social media platform has made great strides in the social media world. And now, it’s making huge impacts for advertisers and businesses.

So What’s the Big Deal About Instagram?

instagramInstagram is the social media platform for visual inspiration. Users often find insight into different parts of the world and interests based on the photos and videos that are shared. Filters, captions, and hashtags can be added to customize the image even further, making the amateur mobile photo feel more artistic and professional. Another unique aspect to this app is that its focus is to capture images in real-time so images can only be uploaded by mobile (and some third-party applications).

After the app was bought by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, Instagram was integrated with Facebook allowing people to share the same photos across both platforms – and as of last month, advertising is also available. Using Facebook’s Power Editor, Instagram ads can now be purchased and managed the same way as Facebook ads. With this, advertisers are able to use the same ad infrastructure as Facebook so that ads can still be targeted and directed to reach people based on their interests, gender, age, etc. Metrics are also measured the same way.

What’s Being Advertised?

There are three types of ad objectives available to advertise on Instagram, all of which include a Call-to-Action option that will connect to a specific url to drive traffic to a website and share content elsewhere. Here’s the choice of objectives:

  • Clicks to web
  • Mobile App Installs
  • Video Views (30 seconds)

Why Businesses Should be on Instagram

To date, Instagram has 400 million active users that post on average 80 million photos and “like” 3.5 billion photos per day. The Instagram user demographic are typically teens and millennials.

People spend 1 out of 5 minutes on Facebook and Instagram while using their mobile devices.

So what are these millenials looking at? 63% of users follow celebrities and learn about brands. Celebrities take advantage of this platform to post images of their daily lives and events that take place in real time, so the image gets out directly from them before any other news source.


A Texas Saturday night.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Taylor Swift has the highest Instagram following of 51.9 million.

Brands ultimately fuel the creativity on Instagram by creating smart visual images and videos. 74% of users will post their own images after being inspired by posts of brands, which also increases the demand for taking action on ads to purchase products or services.


A case made for last call. #WhatsInYourKors

A photo posted by Michael Kors (@michaelkors) on

Michael Kors highlights their products in real-life scenerios, making it easy for customers to picture themselves owning the product. 

The images you’ll find that are purchased by brands typically don’t look like ads at all. Those photos are native and more candid. They have more to do with the lifestyle of the brand and how it’s seen in real-life. Businesses should be taking their customers into consideration when choosing what they want to appear in their posts. Design for the audience while keeping the Instagram community in mind. Three ways businesses come up with content:

  • Brand: The image expresses and feels like the brand. This means there is a consistent delivery of what the brand stands for in all its imagery. One way this can be tested is to cover up the account name and immediately distinguish that the photo resonates with the particular brand.
  • Concept: The purpose of the campaign. What’s the idea behind what is being sold and is it interesting enough to evoke a reaction from viewers?
  • Craft: Giving thought into what’s being shared. Whether it’s a creative effect in a video or image, the product is given a different light than the average advertisement. Video makes this easy to portray products and services in different ways, giving a snapshot of how a product can be used that’s relatable to users.

Not convinced yet? 97% of ad campaigns generate lift in ad recall, meaning the advertisement effectiveness is measured by asking respondents exposed to the ad if they can remember the ad at a later time. Overall, there is no formula for coming up with great creative for a photo or video on Instagram, all creative is great creative. It all just depends on the objective and it’s best to explore many options on different platforms.

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