Why Is Your Facebook Page So Important?

Why Is Your Facebook Page So Important?

Why Is Your Facebook Page So Important?

According to statistics, roughly 75% of adults on the internet interact with Facebook

If that number alone is not enough to make you reconsider creating a Facebook Page for your business… then how about this:

  • Your Facebook Page is required to advertise both on Facebook and Instagram*
  • It also houses all pertinent information about your business so that your clients don’t have to search everywhere for bits of information (ie. hours, location, contact number).
  • Potential clients are more likely to view your Facebook Page before your website, since they are probably scrolling their newsfeed when they think of you.
  • You can have real-time interactions with clients! You can like, comment, share, tag, and message people who are engaging with you… give it that personal touch! Your social media strategist can come in handy here – while you operate your business, they can assist with the back-end interactions that maintain your reputation!
  • PIXELS!** When you have a Facebook Page, you are able to create a pixel that can be placed on your website! This means that you further analyze who your audience is and where they are coming from for more optimized targeting in the future. Oh, and you can totally remarket to this audience by using the audience builder.
  • You can look at Insights to see how your posts and campaigns ranked with your audience as well as against competitors, and grow from that data.
  • You gain some pretty sweet overall street cred that shows people that you know a thing or two about branding your business.

*Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where Facebook doesn’t do things for free anymore – but don’t let that scare you. Using a reasonable budget in a way that amps up your ROI as well as targeting a specific audience will still put your business on the map.

**A Pixel is a snipped of code that is placed on your website to analyze web traffic.

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Some information in this post was obtained from WeRSM.

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