Why E-books Should Be a Part of your Marketing Strategy

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An electronic book, or e-book can be a very valuable component to your digital marketing and content marketing strategy. While e-books are created to offer easy-access information to current and potential customers, they also can be a major component to your sales strategy.

e-book marketing

How is an e-book used in marketing?

  1. Brand Recognition.
    E-books are a great way to build up your brand and help your current and potential audience get to know you. E-books can also be a great way for you to build up your personal brand. They allow you to connect with your target audience in a rich way by offering them something of high value.
  2. Lead Generation.
    E-books are an excellent source of lead generation. If you want leads for your business, e-books are a great way to offer something of value to your potential customers. We recommend companies create e-books that can help customers learn a new skill, solve a problem or add value to their own life or careers. Be sure to add testimonials and case studies in your e-books so you remain top of mind. 
  3. Establish thought leadership.
    E-books allow you to establish expertise and thought leadership in your industry. They prove that you have knowledge to share and that your skills are valuable to your customers. Customers will come back to you over and over again for your knowledge and industry expertise. 
  4. A source of profit.
    E-books can also be a great source of profit and are cost effective to produce. They are not expensive to advertise when using digital channels such as social media and email marketing and they are convenient for people to download. Consider generating an e-book that is made for kindle so you can sell your e-book on sites such as Amazon.
  5. They can be used in every phase of your selling cycle.
    Companies can develop different e-books and market each one to customers in different phases of their sales funnel. You may want to consider offering a free intro e-book in exchange for an email to customers who are just learning about you.  You may then consider creating a more value rich e-book to returning customers and those who have downloaded your previous e-books, ultimately marketing to them your product or service.

What to include in your e-book:

Consider adding unique elements to your e-book such as audio, graphics, Training videos, Membership site access information, and How-to resources. Remember to consider your readers, your e-book needs to offer something of value to them but leave them still wanting more.


So, have you considered creating an e-book? If you have and are looking for further expertise on how to market your e-book, contact us to speak with one of our digital marketing strategists today.

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