What #DamnDaniel Can Teach Us About Virality

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Let’s just start by saying that our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard this weekend. No, it’s not because of the latest comedy on Netflix or another Giphy of a cat… It’s from a 30 second video called “Damn Daniel“. In essence, you hear the voice of a boy named Josh repeating the phrases “Damn Daniel” and “back at it again with the white vans”, all while having the camera centered on his friend, Daniel. It really doesn’t make all that much sense, but it had the internet trending with – you guessed it – #DamnDaniel and #BackAtItAgain.

Watch the full video below!

How Brands Capitalized on #DamnDaniel

To no surprise, Vans picked up on this internet gold. We absolutely love watching how brands get reeled into virality. We think they did a pretty good job and were in great spirits about the video!

What’s even better, Clorox seized the opportunity and curated the content to suit their product!

General Guidelines to Viral Content

You can hardly predict whether or not your content will skyrocket into interweb fame. However, there are qualitative traits that can make your content more susceptible to virality. Below, we will touch on some of these qualities and how they relate to #DamnDaniel. These include:

  • Easy to digest: The simple humour is quality enough to earn the re-shares of the internet. Even the length of the video is perfect for our usual short attention spans!
  • Relatability: We have all skewed our voices when joking around or while light-heartedly mimicing friends… and subsequently burst into laughter. The authenticity of these two friends having a good time is enough to make you feel warm fuzzies.
  • Different: “Back at it again with the white vaaans!” Admittedly, this has got to be one of the most random phrases that we have heard in a while… But it is catchy. And that’s why people are going to remember it.

There is no “Virality for Dummies” guide or any foolproof WikiHow article on creating viral content. It comes from considering the above traits in the content that you post, the right timing, and a bit of luck. If and when it does happen to you, make sure to capitalize appropriately and have a little fun with it!

What is it that you think makes content susceptible to virality? Do you have a favourite viral phrase, meme, or video? Share it with us below!

All images used in previews were sourced from the original “Damn Daniel” video.


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