Website Creation: What is CMS? Which CMS is best?

Website Creation: What is CMS? Which CMS is best?

Website Creation: What is CMS? Which CMS is best?

A content management system (CMS) is a web tool that allows you to modify and publish website content from a front end user interface with little to no web design or programming experience.

Here are the benefits of having a CMS website:

  • You can make updates to your website without having to contact your developer each time you need a change.
  • Your web developer can create a look and feel of one page, and integrate that look across multiple pages of the site with ease. This system allows you as the user to add new pages to your website with the same look and feel as the rest of the site.
  • CMS allows for features such as blogs, news and shopping carts.
  • CMS stores and organizes data and files with ease.

WordPress — best CMS!

At SOS Media Corp, we use the open source content management system, WordPress as our CMS of choice.

Why do we use WordPress?

  1. Easy To Use. For the user, WordPress has the easiest interface to learn. It is easy to navigate, not overly complicated and easy to use, even if you have little computer skills.
  2. Frequent Updates. There are frequent updates done to WordPress, which means that your website’s security will remain safe. With WordPress there is little risk of your website being compromised.
  3. Free Plug-ins. One of the major benefits of WordPress is the vast array of free plug-ins to add to your website. This means that you don’t have to hire an expensive programmer to add beautiful functions to your website. With a click of a button you can add sliders, forms and other such plug-ins without knowing any code, and most of them are completely free!
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