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Our Process of Website Creation


Edmonton Web Design: Let Us Make Your Dreams Come True

SOS Media Corp is your number 1 choice for Edmonton web design. We have developed a streamline process from concept to completion to ensure the creation of a website that you are 100% satisfied with. Our process includes vast research, graphic design, web development, SEO, and proper testing of your site to ensure it not only looks great but functions to perfection on any device.
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We are an Edmonton web design company that focuses on vast research to understand your brand before we start the design of your website. We will meet with you to discuss your online marketing objectives and company needs.

Once we understand your services better, our web developers will offer you a proposed site map and our designers will put together a mood board to give you an idea of the fonts, imagery and colors that will be used for your website.

Content Creation

After research, our web designers will work to put together the look of your website. Upon approval of the design, our developers will create the home page and one interior page for you to see before the rest of the site is developed. This will give you a chance to give us feedback and any further modifications you would like to the design. During this stage we will work with you to ensure you have adequate text and imagery for your website.

At SOS Media Corp, we are an Edmonton web design company that prides ourselves on creating web designs with high visual appeal to meet our clients’ online objectives.

Development & Testing

After you are satisfied with the proposed web design, our web developers will continue to develop the remainder of your website. Our Search Engine Optimization Specialists will provide you with SEO services and will work with our writers in Edmonton to produce copy-writing that will enable your website to be ranked by search engines. Our website developers will test your site to ensure proper functionality across all devices.

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Follow up Meetings & Training

If you have chosen to have your website developed with a content management system, we will meet with you to train you on how to use the CMS to continue to update your website to add new pages and content. No worries, no web design experience necessary!

We will also meet with you a month after your website has launched to ensure that your site is performing to the level it should be.