Web Design Trends Anticipated for 2015 in Edmonton

Web Design Trends Anticipated for 2015 in Edmonton

Web Design Trends Anticipated for 2015 in Edmonton

Web Design Trends for 2015

Soon it’s going to be a new year. It won’t be long before you will be resetting your advertising budget, and wondering what is ahead for your company in 2015. Will it also be time to start thinking of getting a new website in the New Year? Before you do that, you probably are wondering what is in store for web design and development in Edmonton in 2015. Many of the trends that we saw in 2014 will carry over to 2015.

Here is what we can expect to see:

Responsive web design is a Must. All websites that will be designed in Edmonton in 2015 and on will be designed responsively. With smart devices continuing to make waves, your viewers won’t necessarily be viewing your website from a desktop. Ensuring that your website is easily navigated on mobile will be pertinent.

Fun fact: Did you know that All websites designed by SOS Media Corp come responsive?!

Flat Design

Flat design will continue to be a prominent style for Edmonton web design in 2015. With Responsive design being imperative , flat design translates well to responsive or mobile. Web designs with flat graphics are faster to load and easier to view in mobile form.

Emphasis on Typography

Gone are the days of type being squished and illegible online. Websites in 2015 will place strong emphasis on type, big type; not only to display information, but as styled graphic design as well.

Web Graphics and Icons

The reality is that information is more interesting if it is accompanied by imagery. This is where the world of infographics has really emerged. In 2015, expect to continue to see an abundance of web graphics, info-graphics and icons. They work well with flat design and are a fun form of graphic design added on to your Edmonton website.

Big Big Big Images

With computer screens getting bigger, and mobile devices getting bigger, expect to see BIG images on websites, that take up the majority of the space above the fold.

Parallax Web Design

Parallax web design in Edmonton has already emerged as a strong web trend, and it will continue into 2015. Parallax web design is the concept of a layered design. It involves the foreground moving at a faster rate than the background, mimicking a 3D effect as the user scrolls the page.

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