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Real Home Advice

Real Home Advice is a reliable real estate and home improvements magazine distributed in regions throughout Alberta. They strive to provide information on the top trending topics in the market, pointing out the best in booms and busts, and educating consumers to help them make informed decisions. It includes close to fifty professions that are related to real-estate with articles, advice, research, and finally pointing out the best in the industry.


When the team at SOS Media Corporation we approached by Real Home Advice, we were requested to become directly responsible for the layout, design, and distribution of their real estate magazine. Since then, the publication has hit the newsstands as well as the World Wide Web, in the form of a 3D Virtual Edition, and has a made real impact on the market! Real Home Advice is a resource that enables consumers and contactors to connect on all levels of the Real Estate market from home buying, building and marketing.

What we did for Real Home Advice

In 2012, Real Home Advice Magazine came to our agency with lofty goals and we successfully achieved them all!  We delivered them an on-going beautiful hard copy publication as well as developed a state of the art online magazine website, equipped for advertisers, which stands out among their competitors and leaves a lasting top of mind impression with its’ visitors.

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Web Design & Development

When we first sat down with the team at Real Home Advice to discuss their new website, it quickly became clear that they required a design that would catch visitors’ attention and incorporate functionality that would offer easy navigation.


resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

It was also very important to them that their clients have effective advertising space but not take away from their valuable content. With this in mind, we went to the drawing board and came back with a visual montage of creative concepts.

Website Features

The modern square slider on the home page brings your attention directly to promoted posts/articles and allows prospective home buyers or sellers to search for listings right on the site.  Directly below that slider we incorporated a customized .gif display designed specifically to draw focus towards the 3D Virtual Edition of their magazine. There a visitor can view the most recent edition and potentially connect with the home improvement service provider or real estate agent of their choice.


  • Responsive Web Design. We created a mobile-friendly, responsive website design for Real Home advice that makes navigation easy on any mobile device.
  • CMS WordPress. Real Home Advice was developed with the Content Management System, WordPress, allowing for seamless updates and changes to the website without the knowledge of web development. New articles and images are able to be uploaded to the website with ease.
  • Ads with geolocation mechanism –A unique feature was created for Real Home Advice. Ads are shown based on the geolocation of the website viewer. For viewers in Calgary, they are shown only ads from advertisers in Calgary, and for viewers in Edmonton they are targeted with Edmonton-specific ads. This is beneficial to advertisers looking to geotarget their audience. There is also an option for national placement, where ads can target all viewers.

  • Custom Admin Panel to manage ads. To manage geotargeted ads, a custom Admin Panel was developed to enable easy updating and maintenance of new and old ads that require specific geotargeting. A feature was also developed to allow advertisers to preview their ad with their invoice number.
  • 3D Edition – virtual 3D magazine. The Real Home Advice magazine has been converted into a 3D Edition for viewers to read online. Updated magazine are uploaded upon release of new versions. With the main purpose of the website being to market the magazine, this feature further promotes the print magazine to current and potential readers.
  • Latest Videos module. A custom module was developed to allow videos be played on the home page without having to navigate to external pages. Videos are played in this module by incorporating a simple YouTube snippet of code.




  • Blog Structure. A blog structure was developed for the News, Home Expert Advice, Home Decorating & Design pages where latest news and updates are able to be added frequently.
  • Newsletter subscription. Users are able to subscribe to Real Home Advice’s monthly newsletter. This feature allows for the magazine to stay connected with their viewers.
  • User login.  A custom user login page was developed to allow users to login to submit commercial and residential listings to the website.
  • Submit Listing Page. This page is a restricted access page for logged in users only. Logged in users are able to submit commercial and residential listings to the website for viewers to search.

  • Search Listings module  This module was created to allow visitors to search listings submitted by other users.
  • Latest Properties feature.  This feature shows the latest submitted properties so users conveniently can see new properties that have been added to the website.
  • “Find Real Home Advice” Page. This unique feature was developed to allow current and potential Real Home Advice readers to view the distribution of the magazine and search for nearest locations by city or postal code. A Google map feature displays all of the places where the magazine is distributed so readers can know where to purchase.


Graphic Design, Publishing & Distribution

SOS Media Corp takes care of the entire graphic design, content & ad layout, print publishing, distribution and marketing for Real Home Advice Magazine regionally in Alberta.

The hard copy publications are readily found in custom built branded boxes throughout high traffic areas. Each individual region receives a unique edition with content submitted by specialists and credible research writers.

To ensure the magazine is recognized at events such as real estate tradeshows and corporate functions, SOS Media Corp designs and produces the Real Home Advice marketing collateral.

  • Branded Banner Stands
  • Presentation Folders
  • Custom Designed Distribution Boxes
  • Business Cards
  • Mail outs complete with custom logo die cuts
  • Banners
  • Gift Certificates