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Perfection Auto Body

Perfection Auto Body is a professional auto repair firm located in Edmonton, Alberta. The company is committed to providing first-class service through highly-skilled technicians and the use of industry-leading software, equipment and facilities.


A true one-stop auto repair provider, Perfection Auto Body’s services include vehicle frame, body and glass repair, as well as paintless dent repair and wheel alignment. The company also specializes in insurance work and will attend accident scenes to recover customer’s vehicles and tow them to its facility.

As an agency whose customers may make contact immediately following a collision, Perfection Auto Body wanted a website that would provide all essential information in a dynamic, slick and easy-to-access format. At the same time, more leisurely users should still be able to obtain sufficient information to choose the company’s services over those of its competitors. These conflicting objectives can make web design tricky for less versatile and advanced website development providers.

What We Did for Perfection Auto Body

Perfection Auto Body got in contact with us when they opened their brand new auto-body shop in Edmonton. The company needed a modern website, utilizing responsive technology to provide representation of its business in a one-of-a-kind design.

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Website Design and Development

Of course, we were only too happy to meet the challenge of this unique project in web design and development for Edmonton car owners. Our team went straight to work and soon identified how best to create a website with the necessary practical, as well as engaging attributes.


resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Website Features

Fortunately, SOS Media Corp has a reputation for excellence in the field of cutting-edge responsive web design in Edmonton. Local clients have been delighted with the professionalism of the websites we have built and optimized for them, so Perfection Auto Body identified us as a local provider with the skills to meet their needs.


  • WordPress CMS. As a company that specializes in auto body repair, the last thing our client’s web administrators need is to spend a lot of time with technical coding when they want to update or amend their web pages. That’s why we utilized the intuitive and user-friendly WordPress content management system to construct Perfection’s website. With WordPress, the company can frequently refresh content on their pages with little time and effort, allowing them to focus on their core business activity.
  • Responsive and Interactive Features. This was a special project. When a car owner has been in a collision or discovered damage to his or her vehicle, making contact with a repair company is a priority. Customers are usually using mobile devices and need to find help fast. Switching from the Internet to a dialer or generally trying to scroll around on a small device, perhaps in bad weather and with frayed nerves, just adds frustration to what should be a fast, smooth process. We made sure Perfection’s customers experience no such problems, by building advanced features into a responsive website.


  • Intuitive Call to Action Buttons. We incorporated features to let a user dial directly by clicking on a “Call us now” button. Even desktop users can take advantage of this facility, with the button enabling a call to be made instantly via Skype. The button is always visible, no matter which page or section of the site a user is on. Next to the “Call us now” button is another quick-link feature, which takes visitors straight to the website’s “Contact us” page, where they can fill in a quick and simple form to obtain a quote.
  • Interactive Contact Page. Perfection’s site visitors find it easy to become physical visitors, courtesy of the “Contact us” page built by our team, complete with details of the company’s business hours and an interactive Google map.


Graphic Design

Just because a website needs to be simple and concise, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good too. Our graphic designers worked painstakingly to create visuals and images that blend subtly into the overall site design, while at the same time adding an element of visual enticement to the pages and sections.

Slide background
Slide background
Slide background
Slide background


  • Sliding Interactive Interface. Unlike many other projects in web design for Edmonton businesses, we knew the Perfection auto body website had to be especially functional, with a clean look and an inherent sense of speed. That’s why we utilized a sliding interface with a parallax effect, allowing users on small devices or desktops to rapidly shift between site pages, with just a click or a touch of an arrow.
  • Rich Visual Imagery. While Perfection Auto Body needed to create a sense of urgency and a fast response time, the site owners also wanted to maximize engagement and invoke conversions among more casual browsers, looking for paintless dent repair or other non-urgent services. Therefore we employed a rich image selection to enhance the site’s visual effectiveness. With a site that is light on text content, graphics must be leveraged to enhance appeal and Perfection was delighted with the balance struck by our team’s design work.
  • Logo Design. Perfection Auto Body also asked us to come up with a logo that would give the company a unique, standout identity while remaining in keeping with the website’s overall slimmed-down design. Through diligent collaboration with our client, we came up with the eminently simple check mark, picked out in green against the Perfection Auto Body name.

It was a pleasure to work on this uniquely different website design for Perfection Auto Body. For the client, the result is an outstandingly responsive, easy-to navigate and smoothly performing website, perfect for navigation by customers who need fast access to assistance. For SOS Media Corp it was a different kind of challenge, giving our team an opportunity to hone its already considerable level of expertise in specialty websites.

As many of our clients have discovered, a highly creative, individually-tailored approach to online marketing can increase traffic and conversions. Perfection Auto Body is one of the latest in a string of customers with very specific requirements. We’re delighted to add their website to our premium portfolio of satisfied clients.