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3 Pillar Construction

3 Pillar Construction is a general contracting and construction company based in Edmonton. Boasting a combined experience of 20 years in the industry, the company specializes in contract work for the restaurant and retail sector. As a proud member of the Edmonton Construction Association, 3 Pillar Construction prides itself on the efficiency and quality workmanship of its skilled tradesmen. 3 Pillar Construction is also the approved and authorized builder for MTY Food Group.


Like many of the customers who have enlisted our help for web design and development in Edmonton, 3 Pillar Construction first came to us by way of a referral. The company was looking to improve its corporate identity and approached us to provide a service package and design a competitive business website.

How We Helped 3 Pillar Construction

As with all customers who choose us for Edmonton web design and development, our first task was to establish what 3 Pillar Construction identified as their goals by engaging our services. The company representatives wanted to generate a new logo and a corporate color scheme, as well as have a website built to meet two specific objectives.
Before we could get to work on the website, it only made sense to deal with the logo creation and color scheme, since that would be carried across as part of the company’s online presence. More information about the graphic design work can be found at the foot of this page.

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Website Design and Development

The two central goals for the 3 Pillar Construction website were:

  • To utilize a design that would stand out and differentiate 3 Pillar from its online competitors.
  • To serve as a private site where sub-contractors can log in and view current projects and plans.
resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Website Features

Our brief from 3 Pillar Construction was to design a website which would engage potential clients, as well as contractors and tradespeople on a very visual level. At the same time, we needed to create a private area of the site, providing access to project plans for users with a secure username and password.

3 Pillar Construction Project Gallery

    • WordPress CMS Because the website owners need to frequently add new projects, news and images to the site pages, they didn’t want to use a content management system that would require coding knowledge. At SOS Media Corp, we specialize in creating rich and functional sites on the WordPress platform. WordPress was ideal for this particular project, since it can be used to develop unique customer websites that can easily be maintained by site owners on an ongoing basis.
    • Responsive and Interactive Design. Since the 3 Pillar Construction website is to be used by busy professionals, it’s essential that the design is responsive, enabling contractors to log in and view project plans on smartphones or tablets. To that end, we applied our responsive design expertise to create a site that responds to tapping and swiping on small screens, while still providing a smooth user experience on laptop and desktop computers.
    • Project Page Galleries. Every project page has an image gallery, telling a story with pictures or displaying plans of projects currently underway. The use of WordPress shortcodes makes it easy for the site owners to change or update galleries as needed.


      • Homepage Project Gallery. It was felt that visual impact would be more persuasive than a high quantity of textual information for this particular project. Our team made sure that visitors get acquainted with the visual nature of the site right from the home page, where we created a project gallery, with images linked directly to the relevant project pages.
      • News Features. As well as a blog-style news page on the new site, a newsfeed on the home page makes sure customers and contractors don’t miss out on the latest project information, even when browsing time is at a premium.
      • Search Feature. We created a search function that’s accessible from every page of the client’s site, making it easy for visitors to locate content when leisurely browsing is not an option.


      • Plan Room. The plan room is the “members only” section of our client’s website, containing full project plan galleries for sub-contractors, clients and industry professionals with access authorization. This site section requires a user name and password for access, which interested parties can request by using a form on the plan room log-in page.
      • Interactive Contact Page. On the website contact page, a simple form provides a direct channel of communication for customers or tradespeople to make enquiries. To avoid time-wasting spam messages, we added anti-spam protection. Finally we embedded an interactive Google map, helping site visitors to find 3 Pillar Construction’s physical location without effort.
      • Social Media Connections. We made it easy for visitors to share content from our client’s site with buttons for all the major social media networks. On a site that uses many images, it also made sense to include Pinterest “Pin it” buttons, allowing photos and plans to be added to Pinterest with a single mouse-click or screen-tap.

Graphic Design

For the new 3 Pillar Construction corporate identity, we employed a very basic grayscale scheme, with flashes of orange to create impact.

Through working with this particular client, our team found out first hand, how a website can inform, engage, and provide value to an audience, with the thoughtful use of images as the primary content. The experience we gained will be put to good use when considering elements of web design and development for Edmonton businesses that engage us in the future.


      • Logo Design. For the logo, we were supplied a concept rendering and used our graphic design skills to complete the render of the logo in a vector format to be used in all media.
      • Website Slider Designs. On the website Home page, a large slider display of black and white photographic images serves as a dramatic, yet unobtrusive backdrop to the main menu and page links. The entire site makes use of the simple color scheme to convey a no-nonsense, functional theme throughout.