Top Tips for Generating Website Traffic

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So, you have yourself a brand new, beautifully designed website? Congratulations! Are you finding yourself now sitting and waiting for hits to come through? Instead of twiddling your thumbs and hoping people will magically land on your website, there are a few key ingredients to generating traffic to your new site.

  1. SEO & Link backs.

  • Making sure your website is search engine optimized is one of the most overlooked components in web design.The basics behind SEO is that Google works on the concept that not all websites are equal, some are more important than others. So properly optimizing your website will ensure a higher ranking with search engines, and ultimately more searches will lead to your website. Over 80% of all traffic is generated from search, so proper SEO will lead to higher page views from the right audience.
    One of the most important components of SEO is link-backs. This is where other websites have a link to your website on their site, sending their viewers to you. This will help drive traffic to your website and help with your search ranking. If a link to your website is on another company’s site that generates thousands of hits per day, think of the possible traffic you could generate from that.

  • In today’s age, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest have millions of users that log in to their platforms daily.. And while most of these people are not going to think to go to your website every day, they are engaging in social media most days, which gives you a great opportunity to put information about your product at their fingertips daily. You can say goodbye to expensive mail-outs, social media gives you the ability to inform current and potential customers about your promotions or product information easily. You can target your posts to specific audiences, that link back to your website, increasing your page views.
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      Creating an email list is the best way to inform customers who are already interested in your product about new promotions, events, or information regarding your product. You know they are already interested in your product, so it allows you to continually engage with your followers are generate potential sales. It puts your content directly in front of those who are interested, generating more page views, and ultimately more sales. But it doesn’t end there; emailing your customers is a sure way to get your content further spread across multiple platforms. With proper calls-to-action in your email blasts, your viewers are sure to spread your content across Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, which puts your information in front of hundreds and thousands of other potential customers.


  • Pay Per Click


Pay per click (or PPC) is the strategy of placing a small written ad on search engine result pages (usually Google) or blog pages. PPC aims to deliver traffic right to your website, and pushes your website to the top in search results. It is through PPC advertising that you are able to target exactly who your ad reaches by location, keywords, general interest and so forth. It is with PPC that you are putting your content in front of the RIGHT target audience. PPC is a very cost effective form of advertising, and can bring in qualified leads to specific pages.

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  1. Video & Other Media

The use of video and other media on websites is becoming increasingly popular. Information in a video is easier digested than a long article. In a video, you can get a message across to your viewers in less than 2 minutes, where an article would take them 5-10 minutes to read. Videos leave lasting impressions on customers, and they are usually more interesting than content articles. The reality is, people love watching and listening to videos – and they are one of the most highly shared content on the internet, which means your content has the potential of being shared through all social media platforms. Facebook even allows you to play your videos right in your posts.


  1. Blogging

    There are definite benefits of running a blog on your website.

  • Blogs allow you to continuously create NEW and interesting content on your website. The most powerful way of generating traffic across social media is “content creation”. When you share this new content via email blasts and social media, traffic is generated not only to your blog but to other pages of your website through links in your blog post.
  • Blogs have the ability to set you as a a content expert. By blogging information on your industry, you are viewed as an expert in your field, and your blog will generate traffic because people will come to you for information.

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