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Three Seasons Landscaping

Three Seasons Landscaping began as a home business started out of a garage by Darren Wright. The company eventually moved onto a 5 acre property in Ardrossan and a decade later, down the road onto a 17 acre property. With an ever-growing company, it is important to also grow an online presence. We approached growing Three Seasons Landscaping’s online presence from a few different angles: web design, social media, and Google AdWords.


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What we did for Three Seasons Landscaping

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Web Design


  • WordPress: SOS Media Corp built a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website for Three Seasons Landscaping. Along the top of the website, there is a clear and concise menu, with which you can navigate through the various pages. The home page displays the three main services offered by Three Seasons Landscaping: landscape, maintenance, and snow removal. We were sure to include a contact page where free quotes can be requested – very handy for the sale of bulk products! Speaking of bulk products, we also placed a volume calculator on the bulk sales page to make for stress-free estimates of the products listed beneath it. To be entirely confident in a purchase, we want to make sure the customer can view a portfolio, which is why we have a page with a full gallery that can be filtered by various tags. Last but certainly not least, there are social buttons that direct the user to the Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ of Three Seasons Landscaping.
  • Easy Navigation & Prominent Call to Actions: At the top of the Three Seasons Landscaping homepage is a noteworthy navigation bar, which leads the user through the landscape services, various maintenance, and even bulk sales! SOS Media Corp also added, along the top of the website, a promotions bar which can be easily customizable by the Three Seasons Landscaping team with the latest deals or specials.
  • Interactive Gallery: Upon clicking “Gallery” in the navigation bar, you are taken to the portfolio of Three Seasons Landscaping, where you are able to sort the images based on various tags, including: construction, grading & sod, ground cover, natural stone, and more. This is a great way to keep a portfolio organized for prospective customers to view.


  • Responsive on Mobile: The Three Seasons Landscaping website is completely functional on smart phones – ideal for the on-the-go landscape supply shopper!



  • Embedded Map: At the bottom of each page on the Three Seasons Landscaping website is an embedded map, which allows you to see where the business itself is situated. You are able to zoom in and out as well as use Google Street View.
  • Testimonials: On each page of the website is a testimonial right above the embedded map. When “Read More” is selected, you are taken to the “Testimonials” page, which shows you feedback from Three Seasons Landscaping’s clientele.
  • Social Media Links: Both at the top and bottom of each webpage are links that takes you to the Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ of Three Seasons Landscaping.


Online Marketing

Social Media Management


For Three Seasons Landscaping, we manage the Facebook, Instagram, and Google + accounts. We are responsible for scheduling posts to these platforms as well as preparing sponsored ads to the Facebook and Instagram audience. Examples of campaigns that we run are page like campaigns and carousel ads.

Graphic Design

The SOS team designs posts and web updates in order to integrate monthly promotions that run on social media. This is done by updating the promotions bar and creating new landing pages to capture leads when necessary.

Google Analytics & UTM Link Tracking

We want to ensure that the value in digital marketing is clear to our clients. By adding a UTM tag to the links in our ads, we can effectively track where the clicks on a post or ad came from and where on the website the user is travelling after their arrival. The data is then analyzed within Google Analytics.

Facebook Remarketing & Custom Audience Development

SOS Media Corp creates custom audiences on Facebook based on multiple sources: page likes, web traffic, video viewers, and email lists. By utilizing these already-existing audiences and creating lookalikes, we can better target an audience that is more likely to perform the action at hand as presented in the ad.

Call Rail Tracking

CallRail is a software that allows our team to track phone calls from several different sources, including Facebook call-to-actions, call extensions on Google ads, and more. This software has the capability to record phone calls for quality assurance purposes.


Google AdWords


Our AdWords specialist actively maintains search campaigns for Three Seasons Landscaping, which promotes landscaping, maintenance, and snow removal services to the Edmonton area.