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The Truck Outfitters

The Truck Outfitters are a team of truck-savvy individuals who know their stuff when it comes to truck accessories – the technicians are SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) certified and the sales team is incredibly knowledgeable about their 50+ suppliers. At the moment, The Truck Outfitters has seven different locations in Western Canada in four different cities: Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and Kelowna. Having a website allows The Truck Outfitters to centralize all of their products and services, which is ideal because of the geographically widespread clientele.


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What we did for The Truck Outfitters

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Web Development & Design


  • WordPress:       SOS Media Corp built The Truck Outfitters’ website using WordPress. The design reflects that of an actual auto shop. For example, the menu along the left is representative of aluminum – there are even some chains behind it to add some detail. The main background of rotating truck images is complimented with a textured sheet metal pattern which fades out to other page links.
  • Easy Navigation & Prominent Call to Actions: On both desktop and mobile, the top right menu consists of the different locations that The Truck Outfitters operates out of. When the user clicks the name of the city, they are taken to the current locations in that city, along with maps of the exact address. Phone numbers and emails are also included – clicking the phone number on mobile allows the user to call the business, and clicking the email opens up their default email provider to contact The Truck Outfitters. On desktop, the menu on the left clearly breaks down the different sections of the website: Products, Services, Gallery, etc, with social media links to Facebook and Instagram at the bottom of the list. To access this menu on mobile, the user clicks the three lines in the top left – watch the fun animation of chains dropping the menu down from the top of the screen! On all devices, there is a “back-to-top” arrow in the bottom right of each page that, when clicked, will scroll the user to the top of the page that they are currently on.
  • Products Page: The products page categorizes, in alphabetical order, all products that The Truck Outfitters offers. When one of the icons is clicked, a new page opens that summarizes the vendors supplying the selected product. There is no e-commerce, so the user must use the contact form, phone number, and email of their respective location.


  • Interactive Gallery: The gallery on The Truck Outfitters website is broken down into “Wall of Fame”, “Trucks”, “Contest Winners”, and “Wheels and Tires”. Clicking on any one of these categories will scroll the user to the corresponding section, where they can view the related images. Clicking the images opens up a lightbox.
  • 3D Edition: The 3D edition of The Truck Outfitters’ 2016 catalogue is embedded on the website using Yumpu, a platform that publishes digital magazines.
  • Customized Forms: There is a “Contact Us” section in the left menu as well as at the bottom of each page. The form is simple, asking for general contact information and a message. SOS Media Corp included an online application form for individuals seeking employment that allows for the jobseeker to upload their resume. Alternatively, one could download the application in PDF form, print it, fill it out, and fax it in… but that’s not as simple nor as fun as an online form, right? Lastly, there is a form under “Join Our Newsletter”, asking only for the user’s name and email! This information transfers to The Truck Outfitters’ email list.


  • Embedded Maps: With locations throughout Western Canada, it is handy to embed maps onto the relevant pages. For each of the four cities in the top right of the website, there are maps alongside the general contact info. The maps can also be viewed by going to “Contact Us”. Note that the user is able to change the view of the map to Satellite, activate Street View, and zoom in/out.
  • Social Media Links: Beneath the items in the left menu are the links to the Facebook and Instagram pages, which we briefly touched on above. This is the same for both desktop and mobile.
  • Responsive on Mobile: As we have stated above in a few different ways, The Truck Outfitters website is completely responsive on mobile devices!