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slot wheel
slot wheel slot wheel
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Web design wins

Free 8 hours towards your web design

Graphic design wins

Free 8 hours credit towards your graphic design

SEO wins

Free Website Audit + 1 keyword on-page optimization

PPC wins

$100 in Google Advertising

Media Buying wins

Free Press Release + Radio/TV Consulting

Social Media wins

2 weeks of Free social media managing platforms*

Motion Graphic wins

Free script and voice over


JackPot! Pick any one of our services listed above

* Platforms must be previously set up

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A slot machine on an advertising agency website?

A bit quirky isn’t it? Don’t worry – we’re well aware, but it caught your attention didn’t it?

As an advertising agency, it not just our job but our passion to come up with out of the box ideas to engage your customers, and ours. We figured, you’ve taken the time out of your busy day to spend time with us on our website, so why not have some fun while you’re here!

Online marketing is getting more strategic by the day. Competition is high and everyone is targeting the same people, on the same platforms. Sometimes a new idea that no one is doing (and we guarantee, no other marketing agency has a slot machine on their website) is just what is needed to grasp customer attention. So yes, we went a bit old school – but sometimes old school is new school.

If you’re on this page, ready to spin – that means we did our job – and we can do that for you too!

So yes, we really did put a slot machine on our website. And yes – we’re aware that it’s totally quirky. Afterall, who doesn’t love a little quirk?
So take a spin, see if you win! (rhyme intended)

Once a day we are giving you an opportunity to spin to win a free media service for your business.

  • Can not be combined with any other existing  promotional offer
  • No cash value
  • Some conditions may apply
  • SOS Media Corp. does not endorse any form of online gambling