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SOS Safety Magazine

SOS Safety Magazine is a preventative educational resource covering important social issues such as bullying, addiction, internet safety, eating disorders, self-esteem, peer pressure, teen violence, suicide, teen pregnancy and mental health in Canada. The SOS Safety Magazine is well-known across Canada and is often used as a teaching tool by social workers, teachers, law enforcement, and parents.

The publication bridges a gap between youth and their educators through creative comic book style message delivery as well as a modern interactive online environment.

What we did for SOS Safety Magazine

SOS Safety Magazine is an on-going client of SOS Media Corp. Our most recent task was to develop an interactive website that would complement SOS Safety Magazine’s well established hard copy publication and grow readership.

This extensive project included creating 3D issues, national geo-targeted ad placement throughout the website, active news feeds, advanced search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content management system (CMS) integration, graphic design, custom illustrations, copy writing, blog creating, and of course a creative user interface & user experience for desktop and mobile devices.

“Saving Communities One Child at a Time”

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Web Design & Development

The road to the creation of SOS Safety Magazine’s complex online platform was not paved in gold. The client approached many different web design companies and were told that the project was out of reach for their expertise. It was not until they came to SOS Media Corp that the adventure began.

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Website Features

We had to take into account all the necessary unique requirements of the website starting with a customized CMS geo-targeted ad placement back-end that could be managed by an administrator to correlate with the upload and optimization of hundreds of content specific archived articles.


  • Custom Admin Panel for Ad Placement allows for administrators to upload and place ads to be displayed according to the geographical location of the viewer (or nationally) and on certain pages between a certain time frame, which can be set manually.
  • CMS (Content Management System) – WordPress making it easy to update the content or add a new post/page without knowledge of coding.
  • Friends of SOS (Ad Search) section allows for advertisers to find their ad and view it on the website with on click


  • Recent Posts Tiled Module makes the website more interactive engaging a user to click through the posts.
  • Digital 3D Magazine – an innovative web feature allows for viewers to read the publication with a feeling of a “real magazine” on any device!
  • Interactive Google Map Search on “Find SOS Magazine” page gives a user an opportunity to see where SOS Safety Magazine is distributed within their region.
  • Multiple forms throughout the website make it easy to interact and contact the staff of SOS Safety Magazine filling out an employment application or a quote request.



  • Responsive Design gives the user a great user experience on any mobile device or a desktop and ease of access to content, video, photos and contests.
  • Embedded Video Players that stream event footage, enable YouTube video viewing, Commercial clips and related video viewing directly on the website, without leaving the page, successfully increasing the time spent on the SOS Safety Magazine website.
  • Search Engine Optimization for the whole website and internal page content to ensure high organic search rankings for top searched relevant keywords.


  • Custom Contesting Voting Mechanism was built to choose the winner of the SOS Safety Magazine $5000 scholarship. It allows for visitors to view video scholarship finalist submissions on the website, and “vote” on which one they deemed to be the best. We incorporated social icon links on each entrant’s video so that the videos could easily be shared amongst the top social networks. The campaign was extremely successful.
  • Search Feature allows users to seamlessly search the SOS Safety Magazine website with ease.
  • Responsive Slider promotes prevalent issues and topics taking the viewer to a certain section with one click.


Social Media Marketing

One of the most powerful and targeted forms of advertising is social media marketing. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, it is imperative for businesses to have a clearly defined social media plan. For SOS Safety Magazine, it has become priceless.




The task of transitioning from an exclusive newsstand publication to a hybrid business model consisting of both a hard copy and online version product, is an ongoing, ever evolving process. Knowing that social media marketing was a key component of SOS Magazine’s online strategy, SOS Media Corp put together a custom premium social media strategy. Our firm preforms social media management and maintains brand standard compliances within SOS Magazine’s across a multitude of social platforms including posts on: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Specific advertising strategies and campaigns are regularly developed and analyzed across SOS Safety Magazine’s social media channels. Proper strategies and management of advertising dollars are maintained across platforms to generate regular new followers and consistent website traffic.

Some of the biggest wins for SOS Safety Magazines Social Media Marketing include:

  • Growing their Facebook page followers from 0 to over 23,000 and counting!!
  • Increasing their weekly post reach into the hundred thousands
  • Individual post engagement in the thousands

Specific Strategies include:

  • Unique hashtag development and monitoring
  • Campaign development and analysis
  • Frequent Social Media Posts
  • Customer engagement and comment monitoring
  • Graphic design of posts and news/blog article images that will comply with Individual social media platform advertising guidelines and size recommendations
  • Social media Advertising management including:
    1. Like campaign
    2. Clicks to web campaign
    3. Page post engagement ads
    4. Facebook Remarketing
    5. Geo-targeted post
    6. Interest targeted ads
    7. Multiple Custom audience creation
  • Proved to be the key factor and most effective advertising medium in the massive success of the 2014 SOS $5000 Scholarship Contest. Through social media marketing, SOS Safety Magazine had over 10,000 votes for the 1st place contestant!
  • Drive consistent website traffic from social media channels reaching up to 32,029 sessions and 79,934 pageviews in a month through page post engagement ads and click to website campaigns
  • Gained national awareness on issues covered in the SOS Safety Magazine such as teen suicide, substance abuse bullying and more.
  • Provided a forum for discussions on youth related topics

Graphic Design, Print Publishing & Distribution

In addition to web development and social media marketing, SOS Media Corp handles the complete graphic design, illustrations, layout, print publishing, distribution (338,000 copies/year), and marketing for SOS Safety Magazine nationally across Canada.

The hard copy publications can be found in specific schools, various law enforcement agencies, health care facilities and supporting businesses all over the country. Each region receives its own dedicated edition with content submitted by their local advertisers, non-profit organizations, educators and research article writers.

sos safety magazine

  • Modern Graphic Design of the website that captivates youth through comic illustrations that speak out to their generation and assist educators in connecting with students
  • Branded Banner Stands
  • Custom manufactured SOS Safety Magazine life size cut-out characters
  • Presentation Folders
  • Contesting Boxes
  • Business Cards
  • Mail-outs complete with custom logo die cuts
  • Hanging Banners
  • Gift Certificates


To go hand in hand and to compliment the magazine at events such as tradeshows and International Youth Day, SOS Media Corp conceptualizes and implements the production of all SOS Magazine marketing collateral.

Google AdWords Advertising – PPC

With Google AdWords Advertising being a powerhouse medium to promote and brand businesses, we knew that it would be imperative to create a PPC campaign for SOS Magazine. We set up and managed a yearlong Display Advertising campaign with a select group of relevant specific keywords targeting teenage issues reflected on the SOS Safety Magazine website.

The campaign was very successful in generating new and reoccurring traffic to the website. Through this campaign we were able to target a very specific audience searching for issues focused in the magazine.


4,216,882  Impressions  >  12,882  Clicks  >  2.34%  CTR (Click Through Rate)