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Jaida Dreyer — Sony Music Canada

Jaida Dreyer is a country music’s newest superstar! She is a Nashville girl now, but was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario and grew up with her mom showing horses professionally.

About Jaida Dreyer

Things weren’t always perfect. Over the years they moved around a lot and often struggled to make ends meet. Jaida mentioned that “they even lived out of their car for awhile” This was a difficult time and she told us that the experiences she went through and the people she met were major factors affecting her journey into musical stardom.

What we did for Jaida

  • Interview
  • Graphic Design of an Article
  • Promotion

We had the opportunity to be involved in Jaida’s Pubic relations and marketing that included interviewing the singer, and publishing her interview in the SOS Kids Safety magazine. We were responsible for the graphic design development of her marketing material for the promotion of her image.