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Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House

The Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House is a household name in Edmonton and Northern Central Alberta. It was established by the Goodchild family in November 1976 and has continued to grow ever since. The goal is to provide an exceptional dining experience while appealing to the senses of comfort, hospitality, and guest satisfaction.


What We Did for Sawmill Restaurant

Since February 2015, SOS Media Corp has helped to maintain and grow the Sawmill brand. When you’re in business for 40+ years, it is important to continuously grow and adapt to new trends. For food especially, identifying allergens with labels as well as having more health conscious choices is more necessary than ever. We utilize social media marketing, content management, graphic design, and search engine optimization to create the best possible user experience.

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Website Design and Development

Starting from the ground up, SOS Media Corp created a stunning, creative, interactive website for the Sawmill. We understand that first impressions are everything, so it was a no-brainer that this had to be extremely user friendly. This is demonstrated by the easy “Reserve” tab on the left hand site, sleek drop down menus, and more. Check it out for yourself!

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Website Features

SOS Media Corp created a website for Sawmill that boasts features including:

Sawmill Web features-1

    • Interactive Menu. A downloadable PDF of the group menu is available, along with tags to assist with dietary restrictions. These tags include gluten free and vegetarian; but of course, ask your server if you have further allergens and they will be more than happy to accommodate! All courses are subdivided into food categories (lunch, dinner, etc) and each menu item has a professional photograph, so you know just what to expect!
    • WordPress CMS. We maintain the back end of Sawmill’s website, ensuring that all information is up-to-date. Whether it be menu items or the Sawmill Charity Golf Tournament, you can bet all relevant information will be available online.

Sawmill Web features-3

      • Sawmill Sesame Sauce Interactive Distribution Map. An interactive map is provided that shows you where you can pick up your very own bottle of Sawmill Sesame Sauce. Currently, it is available at select grocery stores in Western Canada.
      • Charity Gold Tournament Registration. There is a custom landing page that allows you to easily register for the Sawmill Charity Golf Tournament. Landing pages can mean the difference between lost customers and conversions – make sure it is a good one!
      • Responsive and Interactive Design. The Sawmill website is user friendly, making it easy for people to make reservations quickly with the “Reserve” call to action button. The colour scheme accompanied by bright and bold fonts make the website pop!
      • Social Media Connections. There are prominent links to take you to the Sawmill’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sawmill Web features-2

      • Online Reservations. The details to each location are provided so that you can select the restaurant nearest to you and book directly online! If you have further questions, the phone number to each location is provided.
      • Customer Feedback Survey. We want to ensure that the Sawmill receives feedback in order to grow and improve, which is why leaving your feedback is as easy as using the online survey!
      • Gift Card and Loyalty Member Balance Checks. It is now easier than ever for loyalty members to stay up-to-date with their membership balance. What’s even better is information is provided about the benefits of loyalty memberships, should you want to become a member! Gift cards can be purchased online if you happen to be looking for that last minute gift for the steak lover in your life.

Social Media Marketing

Our advertising strategies include daily posting, boosting well-performing and relevant posts, driving traffic to the website, reaching out to the community to build brand reputation, and communicating with the customers.


              The SOS team creates custom graphics that utilize a mixture of captivating food photography, engaging questions, updated promotions, and nightly specials to build and maintain a following.

We announce and promote new locations and integrate this with recruitment sessions and job fairs.

A notable highlight includes increasing the following on Facebook from 3,462 to 6,316… that’s a difference of 2,854 people!

2016 is the year of #SawmillExperience. The SOS team is creating short films throughout the year that depict the stories of both the employees and customers of the Sawmill. Not only do videos gain more traction over social media, but story telling adds a nice personal touch!

Graphic Design & Professional Photography


It is important to make the dishes look as good as they taste! This is why professional photography was used. The benefit of this has showed in the level of customer engagement over social media.

The professional photos are used throughout all social channels to maintain brand consistency and to promote the identity of the Sawmill.


We create custom monthly newsletters that are distributed to loyalty members, which include mouth watering imagery, restaurant features, membership benefits, and current promotions.