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Saffron Centre

Saffron Centre is a non-profit organization that provides therapy to individuals as well as group counselling for victims of abuse or violence. The support and expertise that Saffron offers also extends beyond their centres into the community through in-school safety presentations that educate youth on a variety of social issues such as online safety, sexual boundaries, bullying, self-esteem and more!


What we did for Saffron Centre

Our involvement with Saffron Centre has grown significantly over the years. We began our relationship as funding partners for their Public Education program, though the SOS Safety Magazine. The joint venture with Saffron Centre enables youth to receive information and guidance by a certified professional.

The program was founded in 2008 and has grown immensely now reaching over 20,000 kids annually. Along with our partnership agreement, we have been responsible for creating presentation materials, corporate branding, tradeshows, conference planning, radio interviews, magazine advertising and online services.

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Web Design & Development

Providing a safe environment, when dealing with assault, is essential for counselling, recovery and healing.  This same challenge applies when creating an online presence for a therapy clinic.

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Website Features

Saffron Centre asked us to come up with a strategic design that would reflect their professional rebrand, but also be inviting and engaging for their visitors.


  • Captivating modern design that clearly identifies corporate branding guidelines and stimulates user engagement .
  • Easy to access “Book a Presentation” and “Book a Counsellor” request forms for appointment scheduling.
  • SEO Friendly” custom rotating homepage banner that highlights the programs and features of their organization.

  • Unique floating and collapsed sidebar navigation allows for increased user experience and easy access to every page or service on the website. Shows more detailed titles on “mouse over” state and mobile interface.
  • Content Management System (CMS) implementation (WordPress) enables administrators to add images, edit copy, and upload videos as well as other files to ensure up- to-date content relevancy.
  • Blog integration enables the posting of events, news and FAQs. This makes it easier to populate the website with new content.



  • Google Maps integration on “Contact” page provides an interactive solution to a visitor that needs directions to Saffron Centre location.
  • Get Help call-to-action link on every page, clearly visible on the top of each page on any device leads you to a page containing important links and a list of emergency phone numbers.
  • Responsive design for viewing on mobile and tablet devices to ensure excellent user experience.

Graphic Design

To keep up with the newest modern trends, Saffron Centre requested for a corporate identity overhaul.  They felt that their outdated branding was visually apparent right from the look of their logo, so we redesigned it from scratch.

The process of rebranding Saffron Centre included extensive research and design development to create a corporate image that successfully represented the brand and ideals of the company.

It was important that we not only created an image that reflected the company’s charismatic endeavors that is welcoming and soft, but that we also created a brand that is corporate and professional.




We recommended that they steer away from using a dated image of the saffron flower to represent their non-profit organization, and move towards a more corporate, modern, abstract design representing healing, unity and emotional growth.


Saffron Centre



Through the use of a red, black and white color scheme, we successfully accomplished their goal to grab attention and create an emotional response when used for call-to-action marketing.

Along with their new logo we were tasked to recreate their tagline, business cards, presentation materials, marketing collateral and website, to effectively showcase their updated brand.