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Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy & The Comic Strip

Rick Bronson is an award winning comedian who is best known for winning 8 COCA Comedian of the Year awards along with an AMPIA award for Best TV Host… and that’s not all! Rick also had the highest rated special on CTV and The Comedy Network! During the very first Canadian Comedy Awards, Rick was nominated Best Comic! With a fella carrying such a fine repertoire, it only made sense that he opened Rick Bronson’s The House of Comedy in Phoenix, AZ and Bloomington, MN, and The Comic Strip in Edmonton, AB, Canada.


What We Did For Rick Bronson’s The Comic Strip / House of Comedy

Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy & The Comic Strip was SOS Media Corp’s largest e-commerce web design & development project. Over 750 hours were committed to planning, designing, and developing a beautiful, functional website. This website took into consideration the fast-paced work flow of a comedy club, where comedians are constantly on-and-off the circuit of stages. The website needed to be easy to update for ever-changing schedules and easy to maneuver for customers. The website is fully functional on mobile, for quick and painless on-the-go purchasing!

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Web Design

resposive web design
responsive web design
responsive web design

Web Features

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  • Custom CMS: We created a custom back-end CMS/dashboard, developed specifically to meet the needs of the team and business. From the public front-end to the back-end, the company brand is maintained. We ensured that adding, editing, and adjusting pages or content could be done with ease so that the team could make updates on their own. This includes text updates, inserting images, embedding videos, etc.
  • CMS Training: One of SOS Media Corp’s web developers trained the team at Rick Bronson’s The Comic Strip / House of Comedy to view, add edit, and cancel bookings, performances, shows, and performers. Each team member has a user account on the website.
  • SEO-Friendly & W3C-Compliant HTML Output:  All of the text, metatags, and image attributes are SEO-friendly and W3C-compliant.

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  • E-Commerce: The custom CMS website was fitted with a full custom e-commerce solution. This means that the website can handle online purchases such as gift card and ticket sales. There is a Moneris e-payment integration that handles the purchases. Additionally, there is support for applicable taxes, discounts, and promotions on specific products as well as shipping methods and charges. When in the process of purchasing, a timer is set to temporarily preserve your ticket in a cart while you browse.
  • Custom Forms: Forms are easy to edit and add to the website with fields and labels of the business’ choice! These are ideal for feedback forms, employment applications, and online bookings!
  • Online Booking: Along with purchasing tickets online, group bookings can be made online. The businesses offer some great packages for birthdays and Christmas parties!

Social Media & Marketing

  • Social Media Management: SOS Media Corp manages the Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages of Rick Bronson’s The Comic Strip and House of Comedy. Comedians taking the stage at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy & The Comic Strip are constantly changing, and it is our duty to ensure that the proper schedules go out to the customers. Each week, there is a new comic, and during certain days of the week, there are special events such as open mics.
  • Video Marketing: We have taken radio ads and created videos for them to use as general posts as well as in Facebook ads.
  • Campaign Creation & Implementation: We leverage special campaigns every couple of months that include giveaways for April Fools, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more! Doing this allows us to engage and grow a loyal following on social media!
  • Graphic Design: When necessary, our team does basic graphic design. We also work in conjunction with the business’ main designer.
  • Google Analytics & UTM Link Tracking: For Facebook ads, we UTM track all links. Much of the business’ traffic comes from Facebook and explores the website through ads, and this tracking mechanism shows it! We analyze all data in Google Analytics.
  • Facebook Remarketing & Custom Audience Development: SOS Media Corp creates custom audiences for Rick Bronson’s The Comic Strip and House of Comedy by going into the back-end of ads manager. We can create lookalikes audiences of those who already like the Facebook pages and those who watch a certain length of videos. Our personal favourite is creating custom audiences of people who have purchased tickets on the website before, since they are more likely to buy again in the future!