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Responsive Web Design – Examples & Definition

What is Responsive Web Design?

Don’t you hate it when you browse to a website on your mobile phone and the links and text are so small that you can’t even navigate around the site? So do we. That is why at SOS Media Corp we will design you a website that is mobile friendly. This means that the appearance of your website will adjust based on the users screen size and orientation of the device on which they are viewing your website.

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Desktop, Mobile, Tablet… Responsive on any Device!

If you are to imagine for a moment how liquid takes on the shape of its container, a similar concept is applied to responsive design – the layout of the site is determined by the size and orientation the viewer is using.

Your website will be developed to appear differently on a desktop, a mobile phone, an iPad and any new future devices that may pop up in the market place.

How to make a Website Responsive?

Resolution, image size, text size and layout orientation will change to accommodate the space in which it is displayed, ultimately allowing for a more functional end user experience.

Wondering how to make your website responsive? If you already have a website, but it isn’t a responsive design, contact us today to see if we can convert your existing site into a responsive website without having to redesign it completely.

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Let our Edmonton responsive web designers develop you a new website that is not only beautiful, but has great user experience as well.