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SOS Safety Magazine Case Study

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SOS Safety Magazine
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About the Client

SOS Safety Magazine is a publication and online magazine for teenage struggles. The periodical has become a standard in many schools by discussing difficult topics such as suicide, mental health, addiction, abuse and toxic relationships. With a primary audience of parents who want to connect with their children, SOS Magazine has grown substantially in popularity and necessity.


Bringing the SOS Safety Magazine from print to the web, extending its reach to new heights.

SOS Safety Magazine website mockup


An on-brand, content-concentrated website was developed to deliver its reader’s essential information on crucial topics. An emphasis was placed on having popular categories available at a glance, and the latest articles would announce themselves on the homepage each time one was released.

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Scope of Work

  • Easy-to-navigate articles
  • Article search
  • Geolocation-tailored content
  • Scholarship voting system
  • Sponsored advertising
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