River Cree Resort & Casino

River Cree Resort & Casino Case Study

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River Cree Resort & Casino
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About the Client

River Cree is the largest Casino in Edmonton. Aside from their fan-favourite Casino, they also offer luxe accommodations, sports amenities and the live entertainment that you’ve been dying to see. Regularly hosting giveaways and announcing new talent, River Cree has made a splash in the Edmonton and area community. Whether you’re looking for a lively Friday night or a Tuesday wind-down activity, River Cree won’t disappoint.


With Google’s strict rules and regulations in regards to the online advertising of casino websites it was a challenge to raise awareness about River Cree’s entertainment shows and help drive ticket sales.

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Our approach has been to use Google Display Ads with detailed targeting to create awareness about upcoming shows and drive traffic directly to Ticketmaster for the purchase of shows.

Google Search ads have been used to raise awareness about entertainment shows and drive traffic to the River Cree website based on specific casino related search queries. Users are further re-marketed on social media after visiting show pages on Ticketmaster’s website.

Google Search ads have also been used to raise awareness and drive traffic to River Cree resort’s website from users searching for an interested in Casino’s in a specific geo-fenced location.

Overall, the campaign has been an ongoing success. The casino has seen an increase in website traffic and ticket sales since the addition of Google Display Ads.

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