Rao Dermatology

Rao Dermatology Case Study

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Rao Dermatology
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About the Client

Rao Dermatology is a dermatology clinic that provides both medical and aesthetic services to their patients. Lead by board-certified dermatologist and certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jaggi Rao, Rao Dermatology offers expert medical advice and top-notch patient care.


The clinic needed a way to communicate the details of the services they offer and the conditions they can treat. The website had to be sleek and elegant to correspond with the styling of their modern office space.

Rao Dermatology website mockup


We created a well-organized and visually-appealing website to market the services of Rao Dermatology. Users can click through a list of conditions and see treatments that could be helpful. This setup encourages them to continue to explore and learn about this clinic’s extensive offerings.

Furthermore, we included an online store so that they may sell their line of products to patients and customers nationwide to assist in their skin care needs.

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Scope of Work

  • E-Commerce (Online Store)
  • Treatments and Conditions Listings
  • Blog
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