Rao Dermatology

Rao Dermatology Case Study

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Rao Dermatology
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About the Client

Rao Dermatology is a dermatology clinic that provides both medical and aesthetic services to their patients. Lead by board-certified dermatologist and certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jaggi Rao, Rao Dermatology offers expert medical advice and top-notch patient care.


When online marketing, it’s important to have services and products easily accessible to consumers. Rao Dermatology wanted to showcase their advanced cosmetic treatments to potential patients.
Alongside social media efforts, Rao Dermatology wanted Google Ads incorporated into their online marketing strategy. The combination of media and ads offered the best results possible.
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  • 22,000+

    clicks to their website

  • 300,000+


  • 1,500+

    calls to their clinic for inquiries


SOS Media Corporation created search ads that would help users find them through Google. These ads resulted in an influx of phone calls and inquiries.

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