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Radisson Hotel Case Study

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Radisson Hotel
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About the Client

Radisson is an international hotel that boasts superior accommodations that are suitable for both the businessman, busy traveller and family. The Radisson not only offers comfortable, luxe accommodations, but also hosts conferences, weddings, and events.


We wanted to drive traffic to Radisson’s website and increase online bookings for both South East Edmonton and Red Deer. Our overall goal was to draw new and loyal customers of the Radisson.

SOS’s approach has been to use Google search ads to market to travellers anticipating needing a night’s stay in Edmonton or Red Deer.

  • 600,000+

    ad impressions

  • 8,000+

    website hits


SOS Media Corp has yielded an increase in website traffic to radisson.com and an increase in call inquiries directly on Google Ads for people interested in booking a room. We have used Google Search ads to market to travellers that may need to stay in Edmonton or Red Deer, which as shown an overall influx in both ad impressions and website hits.

We have implemented detailed a/b testing and keyword research. These tools ensure ads appear to potential travellers at an ideal time, and on the device that they are most likely to make a booking on.

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