NFA Case Study

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About the Client

The National Firearms Association, or NFA, promotes legislative change for the right to own and use firearms. Their mission is to promote, support and protect safe firearm activities as well as promote proper education regarding the use and handling of firearms.


The existing NFA website had to be rebuilt from scratch, yet they wanted to retain their original design and features. E-Commerce sections had to be functioning with upcoming updates.

NFA website mockup


We reworked the back-end of the website to ensure it was more user-friendly with custom features and sections. We added the ability to recreate any page or section of the site easily so NFA personnel could access these changes. We added a proof shop section (e-commerce pages) and connected it to their current Microsoft CRM (automates the process of membership purchase and account creation online using WordPress CMS).

We also made this a multi-language website, accessible to both French-speaking and English-speaking users.

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Scope of Work

  • Custom Microsoft Office Dynamics CRM Integration for Memberships
  • Improved Website Content Management Tools
  • Multi-Language Capabilities to Support Canada’s Bilingual (English and French) Nature
  • E-Commerce Online Store for Selling of Memberships and Shipping of Physical Products
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