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Lash Up PRO Case Study

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Lash Up PRO
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About the Client

Lash Up PRO is a leader in the Edmonton lash industry. With a dual-faceted business plan, Lash Up PRO offers both lash products and courses for learning technicians. Lash Up Pro has hired SOS Media Corp to manage their social media, Google Ads, and their website. Since our teamwork, Lash Up Pro has seen tremendous growth.


With the lash tech industry influencing the beauty world, Lash Up Pro saw a trend with people’s interest in lash extensions. Lash Up Pro noted this opportunity and hired SOS Media Corp to make sure they stood out online when people were searching for related services on Google.

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SOS helped them achieve this with Google Ads (including search ads, display re-marketing and shop ads). With these ads, people who were searching for educational courses would be directed to Lash Up Pro. Similarly, people who were looking for high-quality lash products would find Lash Up Pro to be easily accessible on Google.

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