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Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount Fine Foods has established the standard for Middle Eastern Cuisine in Canada. Originating in Toronto, with the help of several chefs and family recipes to get the business started, the franchise was brought to Edmonton after Dr. Iyad Al-Qishawi had an unforgettable experience on one of his business trips. You can now find this family-friendly restaurant located in the Palisades, in northwest Edmonton.


What We Did For Paramount Fine Foods

SOS Media Corp began working with Paramount Fine Foods in the early months of 2016. Edmonton is a city filled with an immeasurable number of restaurants, so it was of utmost importance for us to make sure that Paramount Fine Foods stood out as a leader in Middle Eastern Cuisine! To achieve this goal, SOS Media Corp provides social media marketing, graphic design, professional photography, and video production.

Social Media Marketing

Paramount Fine Foods has a large audience of people who understand and have a taste for authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine. The business’ reputation and branding is upheld through Facebook, Instagram, and Google +. The themes of our posts consist of a diverse blend of humour, health, and immaculate food photography. Along with our standard social media posts, SOS Media Corp manages the Facebook and Instagram advertising for Paramount Fine Foods in order to attract a larger social audience and ideally, new customers!


Graphic Design

Branding doesn’t just stop at the social level – it continues on into the physical experience at the restaurant. SOS Media Corp’s graphic designers create bright and attractive visuals that become the centerpieces of Paramount Fine Foods’ dining area. You will notice several different advertisements and promotions on their tabletops, which have been proudly designed by SOS.

graphic-design-table cardsgraphic-design-news-adgraphic-design-invite


Photography & Video Production

Let’s be honest: More often than not, we stop scrolling our newsfeeds when we see a beautiful picture of food or even an instructional video on how a particular dish is made. Food is something that we can all relate to in some form or another, which is why it is so crucial to do a good job of documenting it. Our resident photographer / videographer goes on location to capture imagery and video that will be turned into promotional material for Paramount Fine Foods.

Food-Photography-2 Food-Photography-1Food-Photography-3 Food-Photography-4Food-Photography-5