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Motion Graphics & 3D Animation


Bring your Content to Life with Amazing Motion Graphics
from SOS Media Corp.

Our motion graphics artists will combine both auditory and visual components to make your content interesting and appealing. Your content will stand out and engage the senses that no static ad or body of text can possibly do.
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What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics is video marketing at it’s best. We will create you an auditory and visual ad that conveys your message using moving objects, text, 3D imagery and voice-over to create an emotional impact from your viewers.



Why use Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the most powerful tool for emotional branding. There are many reasons why video marketing trumps text and static imagery.

  • People are not interested in reading long bodies of texts on web pages. A video gives you the opportunity to sell your product or service in a more interesting way.
  • Motion graphics add a level of human interaction and emotion to an advertisement that a static ad does not do. People enjoy listening to voices and seeing movement because they are interesting and engaging.
  • It is easier to convince people that your product or service is worth the investment in a video.
  • People love to share videos online, in particular on social media. In fact, videos are the most shared content online. This will help drive traffic to your website and help with your website ranking.

What am I Suppose to Do with my Motion Graphics Video?

Motion graphic videos are a fantastic way to drive people to your website and a great way to create interesting sharable content for your marketing strategy. Your video can be added and shared on:

  • Your website
  • Social Media
  • Email Blasts
  • Trade-show Displays
  • Sales Presentations
  • Youtube